• +52%Orders on Black Friday
  • +43%Sales Growth in Shopping
  • +96%Increase of the Social Ads ROAS

Context of the Planet Orchard success story

Planeta Huerto, a startup based in Alicante, was founded by the Pablo and Alfonso Sánchez brothers at the end of 2011. With more than seven years behind, it has a great success in the electronic commerce field both in Spain and in Portugal, leading the market of products for a healthy and sustainable way of life. Currently, the startup has more than 300,000 customers and has a catalog of more than 35,000 references with two major specialties: the ECO Supermarket and the garden at home, an increasingly popular initiative especially in large cities. In 2018, Planet Huerto was acquired by Greenweez, a French company and leader of the eco product in Europe, belonging to the Carrefour Group. This movement was part of the online retail company’s strategy to consolidate itself as the main actor for the digital sale of ECO product.

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Planeta Huerto Project

Our main focus was focused on raising a sales growth strategy, thus consolidating planet Huerto as an online leader in the eco sector in Spain and Portugal. One of the main dilemmas that we encountered was being present for the wide variety of products and how to differentiate and offer different messages to the diverse targets that the company has, looking for profitability from the beginning. This was a strategy based on various channels such as social networks, native ads, search or shopping.


Our main goal was to increase sales by always maintaining profitability and making room for each product. To this end, we propose a structure of campaigns separated by vertical products as well as by priorities taking into account the different objectives of visibility and profitability of each group. All this together with the close collaboration of the team of Planet Orchard, allowed us to obtain the maximum visibility on relevant searches. In addition, we use various optimization processes in a granular way for each dimension of the auction, as well as use different bidding models based on generic or product specific searches.

Social Ads:

We added this network in our channel mix giving a performance approach that was raised by the team of planet Huerto along with the support of Digital Menta Thanks to a strategy based on the funnel of conversion and the different messages/offers offered to each user. Our main pillar was the use of the different audiences tested as well as the announcement that showed each. In addition, we use this channel to give greater visibility to each of the weekly promotions, the days of “free shipping” or TOP sales products, which allowed us while increasing the presence in networks and brand recognition, maintain the profitability and even improve it.

Capturing immediate demand in Search:

Due to the amount of products offered by Planet Huerto and after an analysis of user searches, we worked on a campaign structure that allowed us to provide the highest level of detail based on business objectives and profitability. Thanks to this, we managed to have campaigns that covered the most relevant searches of the users and increase the market share. The capacity of human analysis combined with the latest technological improvements allowed us to optimize the daily account and thus achieve our goal, continue to grow in sales.

Other Channels:

We support this growth strategy using other channels like Gmail Ads to reimpact both Web visitors and regular shoppers with the latest deals, Bumper Ads as visibility support for specific campaigns like Free Shipping or Native ads were what helped us to increase the brand awareness.


  • We got sales record in Black Friday thanks to teamwork between both companies in Spain and Portugal, getting a 52% more orders.
  • Progressive increase in sales figures in free shipping promotions, as well as in the weekly Ecofertas, thanks to the use of different channels, especially Facebook and Instagram, with which we managed to improve the ROAS by 96% compared to the year Previous and to the continuous support of the internal marketing team.
  • We implemented a scalable shopping strategy to all product categories which allowed us to increase sales by 43% in this channel.
  • Thanks to the huge increase in sales during 2018, Planet Huerto managed to consolidate you as leader of its vertical.
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