• +82%Conversion Ratio
  • -39%Cost per Lead
  • +127%Closing Rate

Context of the Repsol Tarjetas Solred success story

Repsol had as a challenge to increase the number of customers that used as payment method Solred card in their service stations and other outlets. The aim of Repsol was to give a 360 turn to this product and to offer similar advantages as other loyalty cards, leave the comfort zone of Repsol and develop a roadmap to reach more consumers, which includes as a goal to reach a Non-bank card market share of more than 2 million customers.

In order to achieve this challenge, Repsol has had different partners among which is Digital Menta and ACCOM to be able to compare customer acquisition results between the two brands.

caso de exito repsol

Repsol Project

Starting with defining the buyer person of loyalty card users of non-bank entities and Solred cards users, we found very different profiles, something that made us have to rethink the strategy and re-search those Market niches in which the Repsol card could fit better. On the other hand we also had the support of the Repsol brand that has more than 12,000 the group composed by Repsol, CEPSA, BP, Saras and Gal and allowed access to advantages and discounts throughout the country. The phases of the project were the Following:

Define Buyer person and new Repsol audiences:

The first step we took was to define several audiences for the new profile we were, the work was done with several sessions of brainstorming during 2018 to launch as soon as the new brand began to operate. One of the key points was to combine the niches that had potential, combined with new niches and similar audiences to be able to use them in the testing phase.

Storytelling, analyze results and AB testing:

The key point to start with the new brand was to define a Storytelling based on what the Solred card of Repsol can provide and one of the advantages was built from the savings that could be in fuel, this would mean that we can impact drivers in Spain , a much broader audience and with a history behind based on the savings and passion of the engine, as in addition they have raised gift shares of tickets to events of this typology. All this, we combine it with the database of existing clients of the card to start testing segments of audience to improve the costs of acquisition.

Seeing the quality of the lead and closing rate:

One of the objectives of REPSOL is to improve the efficiency of digital lead generation in a constant way, that is why having a feedback of the brand and ACCOM on the quality of the same has been very important for the success of the project, without that constant feedback, it is difficult for us to make decisions based only on CPA without taking into account other metrics that go beyond.


  • We managed to increase the lead conversion rate by 82% with the new campaigns.
  • The cost per lead achieved was 39% less than the reference in the platform.
  • The closing rate increased by + 127%.
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