INBOUND MARKETING · 23 / 06 / 2015

Inbound Marketing - What is it and why should you use it?

Digital Marketing is a constantly changing sector in which new concepts and methodologies emerge every two by three. That is Why I am sure that in the last few years you have heard constantly about the wonders of inbound Marketing. But what is Inbound Marketing?  The concept was created in 2005 by Brian Hallingan, co-founder […]


INBOUND MARKETING · 19 / 05 / 2015

Multichannel Remarketing Strategies: 360 degree-communication

The first thing we think about when the it comes Remarketing To the head is simply “show ads to my visitors to return to my website.” Well, actually the first thing we think about is that advertiser who did not stop showing us ads for a month and a half after we looked at for […]


INBOUND MARKETING · 09 / 04 / 2015

Performance Marketing: the ROI of Branding

Can the results of the brand campaigns be measured in AdWords? Promoting and maintaining a brand’s notoriety is a necessary, albeit not sufficient, part of the success of the online marketing strategy. But what is not measured cannot be improved… Do the brand campaigns offer measurable results? Is it possible to calculate the ROI of […]

Daniel Digital Menta

INBOUND MARKETING · 04 / 03 / 2015

How to Improve the Online Lead Management?

Do you want to know what online lead management is? Lead acquisition can be defined as the process of acquiring customers that identifies potential buyers (leads), interacts with them and offers a value proposition to the potential customer, and for sure, it is one of the biggest challenges the marketing and sales departments are facing. […]

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