SOCIAL ADS · 29/08/2018

How to implement an Instagram marketing strategy

Instagram can boost your brand to the top. It's a social network that can really help you in your business. Many of you wondering, why? Before you begin to detail how to carry out a marketing strategy in Instagram, we will begin by highlighting the main virtues of this social network:


SOCIAL ADS · 12/12/2017

Facebook! Campaigns that convert

How to create a campaign that converts? We are used to listen "I have created a campaign on Facebook and I have achieved many followers" but, if we stop to think, how many of those followers are your potential customers? Probably a high percentage of these new FANS leave the page in the short term. NOT everything is worth and not by [...]


SOCIAL ADS · 28/11/2017

Instagram Stories to boost your brand

A new phenomenon is emerging in digital marketing and do not want to stay behind, encourage you to start using Instagram stories to connect with your audience in a different way. The storytelling is being the latest trend in the networks, started in Snapchat and as Instagram joined, quickly did Facebook and WhatsApp, [...]


SOCIAL ADS · 31/10/2017

Facebook Custom Audiences

The segmentation chosen is a crucial part of the success of a Facebook campaign, while the product, the message and the creativity. Currently Facebook proposes you three ways to have your own personalized audience with your Custom Hearings.


SOCIAL ADS · 25/10/2017

SOS! Rejected Ads on Facebook-What to do?

"Your rejected ads on Facebook do not comply with the corresponding policies." We tell You some cases of disapproval and how to solve It.

Josue Simon

SOCIAL ADS · 05/10/2017

Productivity on Facebook? Power Editor!!

In Digital Menta , an agency created by Exgooglers, we start from a training and a know-how in AdWords. Google has very evolved tools that allow you to work your accounts in a fast and massive way. However, when we want a solution to work in a similar way with the advertising platform like us, we find [...]


SOCIAL ADS · 05/10/2017

Super Instagram Ads Guide: How does it work?

How does Instagram Ads work? Here is the guide with everything you need to know about the ads on the most powerful social platform of the moment.

Laura Gimenez

SOCIAL ADS · 19/09/2017

Influencers Marketing Report at 2017

What is this year's Influencers Marketing? Will companies and brands count with the help of these opinion leaders? From Launchmetrics we are given a third edition of its report "The State of Influencer Marketing 2017", which we will devaste and highlight the most important conclusions.

Laura Gimenez

SOCIAL ADS · 05/09/2017

How to start a Twitter Ads strategy

Are you thinking of starting to advertise on Twitter for yourself or for your client? In this post we will review the first steps to start with a Twitter Ads strategy. You will find the typical questions that your client can ask you or those that will appear to you at the beginning of using this new tool.

Laura Gimenez

SOCIAL ADS · 18/07/2017

Facebook Advertising: Don't forget the Pixel

With so many things to remember for a successful Facebook campaign, it's easy to forget the basics when you're looking for solutions in account performance. What we usually do is to review each audience, we try to know where is the error in the bids, or we worry about thinking how they could be [...]


SOCIAL ADS · 26/01/2017

Facebook Image Ads: 5 basic tips, and 5 original ideas to differentiate yourself

Image ads on Facebook are the most important element of advertising on this network (or almost) and so we explain it to our customers, but they don't always see it the same way. Questions like these come up very often:


SOCIAL ADS · 06/12/2016

Improve your Facebook ads with Emojis

«Do not miss this opportunity!», «Discover here..», «Only now with a 10% discount». – Really? Can't you think of something more original? – The truth? No. Online advertising needs fresh minds, creative and ideas, in addition to the technical features that we discussed earlier that ideally must meet a [...]

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