Content Marketing is a fundamental part of the global digital marketing strategy of any company.

The greatests advantage of content marketing is that our client is focused in the epicenter of everything, content marketing is interesting for you, since the main purpose is to offer relevant and quality content for it.

Content marketing not only focuses on attracting that audience to your website, but we should know that there are other phases of the funnel in which the content is a fundamental piece. Despite what the majority of people think, which is the content generation for the blogs or social networks, which would focus on a first phase, there are several more phases, in which the content is key. First of all the lead generation phase. A clear example would be the lead acquisition campaigns for B2B. Subsequently, lead nurturing phase which is related to the content creation for the education of the client and building profitable relationships in our Inbound Marketing Strategy. Finally, the phase of customer generation that alludes to the process in which we get the visitor to become a client through the impact of the content in the different phases of the workflow.

In case of the methodology for a good content strategy implementation, it is not only important to write good texts, but they must be oriented to our buyer person and, therefore, the epicenter must be our customer.

Once we have clear about our buyer, the rest is much simpler. It’s time for the content to be disseminated, to proceed to its analysis and to see if the objectives previously defined have been achieved.

Once this is done, the wheel rotates again with the improvements introduced through the analysis.

Ideal customer

You know your buyer first hand, because you offer the appropriate content for the customer at all times.

More economical

It is more economical, since it does not cost as much as to carry out an advertising campaign in a traditional media, we only focus on the content.


You differentiate from the competition, since you place yourself as an expert in the sector through these contents.

Brand improvement

Improve the brand image. You generate a very powerful brand recognition and awareness in the market.


You generate community around the brand. Through the RRSS and content generated in other media.

Greater engagement

The users look for you and find you by the content that you offer, if the content is of quality, your engagement with them will increase.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is based on the elaboration of content for your buyer person at the precise moment of the customer journey. In other words, the content will focus on the process in which it is located.

What tools do you use?

Our SEO specialists use the best tools to make a keyword research, some of which are Sistrix, the natives of Google, Keywordtools, Ahrefs… Once we have it, our partners develop the content.

How do I know that I need to do content marketing?

It must be done in all phases of the strategy, it is not static but cyclical.

How much does this service cost?

It depends on your situation and the objectives to be set. What we can always assure is that we are clear and transparent.

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