Facebook Marketing is one of the most used channels by advertisers to achieve conversions and notoriety through social networks, also called social media.

At Digital Menta we analyze each of the most important factors that will allow us to be relevant to users within the advertising campaigns on Facebook. We will choose different advertising goals, as well as select the format of Facebook campaigns or creatives and the locations or placements that best suit our marketing objectives.

Each client is different and their advertising strategy on Facebook must also be different. We evaluate the factors that are affecting the positioning of the website at present and we detect opportunities for improvement in each case.

How can I advertise on Facebook?
Currently there are two ways to advertise on Facebook;

  • The first and most basic, is directly promoting our posts from the Fan Page. This option is very limited, since it does not allow us to configure the objective of the promotion of our Facebook advertising. So we will leave out many other options to be taken into account, and this will be limited to optimizing interactions; likes, comments or shares.
  • The second and most recommended, is through the interface of Facebook Business Manager, a tool that will help us manage the Fan Pages, advertising campaigns and others, much more efficiently.

So a good advertising strategy on Facebook can get to position ourselves in the mind of our target audience in each of the different phases of the sales funnel. That is why Facebook, offers advertisers in their Facebook Business Manager campaigns, different objectives when creating, and thus optimize their campaigns.
The objectives that we use in Digital Menta to build a methodology, leads to success.


Advertising on Facebook allows us to make a micro-segmentation to better impact our buyer persona.

A/B Test

Possibility of A/B testing to see what type of campaigns works best.

More Traffic

Generate traffic focused on sales / leads. Advertising on Facebook allows you to set several goals, one of them is the generation of sales / readings in campaigns.

More Micro-conversions

Generate traffic focused on micro-conversions. More concrete objectives such as cart, lead, purchase and many more.

Physical Location

Possibility of directing traffic to the physical business. To promote the most local businesses or for example, events.

Paid Advertising

Complementarity with other types of payment advertising on social networks such as LinkedIn Ads and Instagram Ads.

What is the most effective advertising on Facebook?

There are different types of ad formats and locations within Facebook, so depending always on our business and our goals, we will choose a type of creativity and some specific placements.

In terms of creatives, dynamic content is always more attractive, although a good image together with the appropriate copy can be enough to attract the attention of users. In addition, the type of message and format of the creativity that we can choose will directly influence us when selecting some placements or others.

What requirements do we need to do Facebook Marketing?

There are no minimum requirements as such, but we need to have an open Fan Page and create a Business Manager account to be able to use all the tools that Facebook provides, such as the ad manager.

What budget do we need to invest in Facebook?

The cost of advertising on Facebook is simply the daily or total investment that advertisers decide for their ads, without a minimum cost, technology or subscription extras. Anyway, depending on the needs and objectives of the advertiser from Digital Mint we recommend a minimum investment and adequate objectives to the market data by estimating results.

How much does this service cost?

It depends on your situation and the objectives that are pursued. What we can always ensure is that we are clear and transparent.

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