Many companies know the Google Ads services and would like to advertise on this network, but do not know how to get started on this channel, formerly called Google Adwords. To do this, many businesses rely on SEM Agencies that are experts in digital marketing, because they consider that in this way they can develop a more advanced Google Ads strategies.

In Digital Menta we are experts in Google Ads. We have teams dedicated exclusively to the paid traffic acquisition, which makes us specialists in this matter.

In Digital Menta , we implement expert methodologies to do Google Ads. To do this, we initially set a business objectives provided jointly to the customer. After defining the objectives, we explore the opportunities existing in the search engines and propose a strategy of value.

This strategy will define the structure of advertising campaigns on Google and it must represent the semantic ideas in an organized way which users can search us on the Internet, but above all align to the objectives of our client.

Once the campaigns are launched, we optimize for better results. Later, we analyze the performance and identify new opportunities.

Quality Traffic

Acquire quality traffic quickly. One of the biggest advantages of Google Ads is its high performance in the short term. In addition, we have control over the investment and what we are generating.


We reach users located at the bottom of the conversion funnel. These are users who are actively looking for what we are reaching highly interested users in our offer.


Letting us know among users who still do not know our product or service.


Increasing the conversions of our website.


We have the possibility to evaluate the performance of each campaign and observe the conversions that we are generating.


Increase the brand’s awareness through the campaigns we carry out.

Do I Need a minimum investment to do Google Ads?

No, there is no minimum budget required to do Google Ads, but if we have a bigger budget we can be present in more channels and have more campaigns through which to attract more traffic.

What keywords are interesting to advertise my business in Google?

The user searches in a natural way to find us on the Internet, so we should use these ideas to advertise on Google. We can also use SEO AND SEM tools to suggest ideas to position ourselves.

How Much will I pay for my ads on Google?

We will pay for every click our ad receives.

How do I know if I am generating conversions thanks to Google campaigns?

Google gives us tracking tags that we will put through Google Tag Manager or the code of our website to measure the most valuable actions within your website.

How can I limit the expense of Google campaigns?

We can reduce spending in different ways. Bidding management will help us to get the cost per click not to shoot up, but if we want to make sure we don’t exceed a certain amount, we’ll limit the budget at the campaign level and/or account.

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