The Google SEO is the position that occupies each Web site in the rankings of classification of the searchers before the searches that the users realise.

In Digital Menta, we work on analyzing the status of websites to design and implement SEO Strategies That improve the Google SEO of our clients. To do this, it is important to optimize those factors that the searcher considers relevant when evaluating a website and showing it to users in a search.

Each website and sector is different, so the positioning strategy is different in each case. For this reason, we design a customized strategy for each one of our clients that allows to improve as much as possible their positions in the rankings.

In Digital Menta, we focus on the client, considering the close treatment and communication a fundamental basis when designing and developing a Google SEO strategy.

At the beginning of each project we made a SEO Analysis accompanied by a SEO Audit that will allow us to define a personalized strategy for each client depending on the state of its website, sector and competition.

Once the strategy is set, it is time to optimize all positioning factors in Google SEO and begin to analyze and report all kinds of changes of the ranking.

Today, Google SEO has become an indispensable part of any marketing strategy for companies, among other things, for the many benefits that it offers:

Organic traffic

By improving positions within Google’s rankings, organic traffic will increase exponentially, as the first results are most clicked.

Increasing Conversions

This increase in organic traffic will also result in increased website conversions. For the conversion ratio to be as large as possible, it is interesting to focus on a positioning strategy that allows us to attract quality traffic.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of the traffic acquired by Google SEO tends to be higher than that obtained through other routes like the different channels of payment.


An improvement in the positioning means the ideal complement to other channels of capture of traffic like channels of payment, marketing of contents and others.


In addition, by capturing new potential customers interested in the product or service in question, we increase our market share.


The results obtained by Google SEO are permanent over time, so as the case may be the most interesting channel to invest in.

How to position your website on Google?

Google is the search engine par excellence, so it is essential to be well positioned in your search results to attract potential customers. To do this, it is necessary to develop an SEO strategy following the official guidelines issued by the search engine itself.

How much does it cost to improve your ranking on Google?

The time required to achieve a good Google SEO is difficult to estimate because it depends on many factors, in the most uncontrollable cases (Google algorithmic changes or level of competition in the sector, among others).

What is the positioning of a Web page?

The positioning of a Web page in Google is its classification within the search results that compose the rankings of the search engine. The goal is to achieve a good web optimization to appear positioned among the first search results, which will be the most visits of potential customers receive.

How to know the positioning of a web in Google?

We have the best tools to know the ranking of a website in Google. These tools allow to track the different keywords and their positions in the rankings, as well as general visibility indexes that give us signs of the evolution at the level of positioning.

What are the benefits of positioning in Google for the brand image?

Achieving a good Google SEO implies an increase in the visibility of our business for the searches of our potential clients, which allows to improve the brand image.

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