Advantages of RRSS in an inbound Marketing strategy

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INBOUND MARKETING · 06 / 06 / 2019

Of all are known the Benefits of social networks. These, establish a bidirectional communication channel with your potential customers, help to customer loyalty, improve your brand image and a long etcetera but have you ever considered how social networks can help your inbound strategy Marketing?


In this post we are going to show you the Advantages of social networks in relation to inbound Marketing. Notes!


What is meant by inbound Marketing?

Before going into the field and seeing the advantages of the social networks applied in the inbound Marketing we will try to deepen a little more in this area.


TheInbound Marketing It is a methodology that uses non-intrusive marketing techniques with the objective of contacting the buyer person and accompanying him throughout the entire purchasing process.


The main idea is to have users who are in the first phase of the cycle, so that they can be captured with content of interest to solve their doubts or Pains. Once captured, they are given content in each of the phases of purchase, content that is indicated for each of these phases. This is because a user does not look for the same thing when he has a need that when he assumes the need and wants to remedy it. With all this you get to move from a visit to a Web page to a lead, and from a lead to a customer.


In order to give this process, Inbound Marketing is divided into four phases:

  • Attraction. It is the first phase of the process and in it the aim is to attract the user to a Web page with information that is of interest. In this phase the main thing is to design a good strategy of attraction and see why channels must be disseminated information to reach the buyer person.
  • Conversion. In the second phase what is intended is to convert those visits captured in leads for a database. To achieve this conversion, you have to give the user something of value: An ebook, a template, or any other type of download that can help them to continue advancing in the process. You have to accompany this gift with a form for the user to leave their data.
  • Education. In this third phase we already have a database to work with. Users have already shown interest in what your company offers, so you have to educate them to end up being customers. To do this, the content is the fundamental lever. Each user depending on their phase, will be offered one content or another with the objective of approaching the final point of the closing of a sale.
  • Closing and loyalty. The last phase is closing. But once you have a client, you mustn’t forget it. You have to continue to work the generation of content to maintain and retain that client in your company.


These four phases are part of inbound Marketing but have you ever wondered how the use of social networks can affect them?


Advantages of social networks applied to inbound Marketing

Social networks must be part of a company’s marketing strategy plan. Without this pillar, the strategy remains lame, being a valid simile for inbound Marketing.  


As we have commented, inbound Marketing focuses its efforts on building quality content that is useful to the user and, to achieve this goal, social networks are a very powerful tool.


If we look back and stop again in the phases of inbound Marketing, we will soon realize that social networks can play an important role in each of them:

  • In the attraction phase the Nets can contribute their grain of sand spreading a lot of information. Try what kind of copy and creativity give better results and don’t just stay in a single way of doing things.
  • In the conversion process, the help is given in bringing the users to the destination pages where they will have to include their data. All your posts should point to these pages to achieve the desired goal.
  • To close a sale, the importance of social media lies in the rapid response of questions, so that the user can see that he is really confident in the company. In addition to controlling the interaction, it is important to continue analyzing everything that happens in the networks to continue improving.
  • Finally, for loyalty, social networks are still very useful, as they allow us to continue in direct contact with customers. It offers exclusive content, inviting you to events, in short, making them feel special will help you to lengthen the relationship with them.


This is what social networks can contribute in each of the phases so that they get the objectives marked but, what advantages of social networks can be noticed more in relation to inbound Marketing.


  • The social networks are a showcase and speaker ideal to give diffusion to the created content. He thinks that social networks give us the opportunity to present to our followers everything that we think is of interest to them. Without them, it would be much more difficult to disseminate the posts of the blog and actionable in which you have worked so hard. Moreover, inbound Marketing is maintained through the dissemination of content, so networks play a key role in this aspect.
  • Closely related to the previous point, the networks allow to create conversation with the user and give the opportunity to show them a less commercial side of the company. This is because inbound Marketing always talks about quality content and never purely commercial content.
  • Thanks to social networks it is possible to deliver the content to a specific target audience. The power of segmentation of social media is very high, so it is possible to draw a Inbound Marketing Strategy Through networks, in such a way that each user, according to their affinities and relationship with the brand, is given one type of content or another.
  • Posting content on social media in turn serves as a thermometer to know how users are doing. It is a good way to receive feedback on the contents, this being essential to know if you have to restructure the content strategy or if, on the contrary, it is on the right track.
  • Although it seems obvious, social networks will help us to better understand our audience. Not only do we receive feedback on what we do (as we have mentioned in the previous point), but we will also be able to receive information about the environment and competitors. These inputs are very necessary to continue profiling the inbound Marketing strategy to keep it parallel to the desires of our buyer person.
  • Social networks also help SEO, another of the fundamental legs within an inbound strategy.
  • Another advantage of social networks is the possibility of disseminating content in a wide variety of formats. From blog posts to actionable or downloadable, as well as video content. This wide variety of accepted formats is ideal to support the inbound Marketing goal of nurturing content to users.
  • Finally, the social networks manage to interact more humanely with the users, giving more warmth to the treatment with these and getting a stronger and lasting relationship.


There are several advantages of social networks within a strategy of inbound Marketing but, in order for these advantages to be a reality, you have to work your social channels in a professional way.


The main thing is to work on a strategic content generation plan. If you really want social networks to be a lever in favor of inbound Marketing you can not publish without more. Work on a strategy in which you indicate what you want to achieve, what you will communicate and how. From these axes, think well of the content to be published and decide whether it has to be accompanied by payment campaigns or just going to viralize organically and, all, you must think for each of The four phases of inbound.


Finally, remember that 70% of users regularly use social networks, so work your inbound Marketing strategy well and let yourself be seduced by all the benefits of social networks. Visualize your content, provide customer service and improve your brand, so we are sure you will get great results.

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