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Félix Martín del Fresno

INBOUND MARKETING · 02 / 01 / 2020

If you are a digital marketing professional, whether you are starting or already been a while in this field, the extensions in your Google Chrome browser are essential, as they will help you and save you a lot of time in your day to day. If you don’t know them already, browser extensions are like small applications that you have while browsing the internet. 

Next, we have made a selection of digital marketing and productivity extensions, so that you can find the ones that would really be useful for you, depending on what field you dedicate yourself to, although I recommend you try the rest since some are complementary.

Extensions for SEM specialists

o Tag Assistant Conversions (BETA) by Google

Fresh from the oven in early summer, this Google extension allows you to validate the implementation you have on your website used to measure conversions of Google ads.

To do this, when you perform a simulation of what a user would do on your website, the extension analyzes each step until the conversion is finished and see if it has been registered correctly. During the simulation, Tag Assistant Conversions will highlight problems or errors if any.

 Tag Assistant by Google

This extension will allow you to check and solve if there has been a problem with Google tags / pixels, such as Analytics, Tag Manager and Google Ads, among others. It will not only allow you with your own website or that of your client, but with anyone, including competitors.

The way to use it is by activating the extension, reloading the page and browsing the web, observing the report you are making with the present tags. In addition, it offers you improvements if there were any.

 Facebook Pixel Helper

Very similar to the previous extension, only with Facebook. The function is the same, that is, check in the background that the pixel is correct, just like the events you have entered. If you click on each of them, a panel is expanded to show a detailed description of the pixels of the page, including warnings, errors and what is correct.

 UET Tag Helper by Bing Ads

If you advertise on Bing, you will also need its Chrome extension. With it, it will allow you to see which tags are there and which ones work well and, failing that, how to solve the problem. 

o Emoji Keyboard

A very practical extension if you also dedicate to creating copies. It serves to find and copy emojis that you could put in your ad texts and give them a more attractive touch.

Extensions for SEO specialists


It is one of the extensions most used by professionals SEO. With it, you will make a diagnosis of the web and you can see, among others, at a glance the following variables:

  • Indexing in Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Analysis of internal and external links.
  • PageRank of Alexa and SemRush.
  • Meta-Tags
  • Images
  • Word density

o   Redirect Path

With this extension you can see the HTTP 301, 302, 404 and 500 states and the redirects of the web and see potential problems immediately.

 Check My Links

A vital tool to monitor web positioning. Check My Links will make you a report of all the links on the website and will show in red those broken urls and in green those that are correct. In addition, with a single click you can copy the broken links and start managing them.


This extension allows you to review the metarobots such as index, follow, no index and no follow. In the case of the last two, they would be marked in red.

 Hreflang Tag Checker

Automates the process of checking the Hreflang tag on your website. If you don’t know what this tag is, its essential function is when we have to serve content in several languages, since it can cause problems for Google for duplicate content. And in this way we will also have the web positioning belonging to each language with your country, something that would not be possible without this label. 

o   Quick Javascript Switcher

With this Chrome extension you can enable and disable JavaScript at the moment by hostname and subdomain, unlike Web Developer that only allows you to disable globally. 

 Seo Meta in 1 Click

It is one of the most practical tools that an SEO consultant can use, since it shows all the metadata and main information you need to know in a first analysis of a website with a single click. We talk about:

  • The title and its extension.
  • The description and its extension.
  • The URL and the meta-canonical URL too. 
  • The headers H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.
  • Number of images with or without ALT.
  • Number of links
  • Robots.txt 
  • Sitemap.xml

Developer Extensions

 Web Developer

Although it is a very focused extension for web developers, for SEO specialists it also has interesting features. One of them is the ‘Information-view document outline’, which helps you see at a glance which Headers (H1, H2, …) are complete or absent on a website.

It also allows you to disable plugins, notifications, pop-ups, cookies or even make images disappear. A fairly complete extension.

o  Wappalyzer

It is an extension that detects the technologies used in web pages, such as CMS management systems, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, web analytics, hosting, etc. 

o  Lighthouse

Perform an extensive audit of your page to improve its performance. It generates a report and scores between 0 – 100 the Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, Progressive Web App. Within each field, Lighthouse shows you the errors and improvements that would help increase the score within each field and, consequently, how your website works.

Extensions for Designers and UX

o ColorPick Eyedropper

It is a tool that allows you to get and copy the color code inside the browser.

o Full Page Screen Capture

As the name implies, it helps you to capture, not a screen, that is, what you are seeing, but the entire web page. In addition, it allows you to download it to your computer as an image, PDF or any other format.

o Whatfonthelps

This extension you find out what source each text on a website is by simply moving the pointer over it.

o ColorZilla

Very similar to the first extension of this block for designers, it allows you to know the code of any pixel of a web and copy it to another program or tool. 

o Responsive Web Design Tester

It is an extension that serves both designers and developers. With this extension you can quickly and easily test if your website is responsive, that is, the correct display of the same web page on different devices. In addition, it offers you a preview of your designs with the most popular dimensions on mobile devices.

o Wireframify

This extension generates a wireframe of the structure or design of the web page you are viewing. If you do not know what a wireframe is, it consists of a plan or visual scheme of a site that shows the ‘skeleton’ of that website. Its utility is to check if the designs you are implementing are correct, make improvements or even look at how your competitors have it. 

Productivity Extensions

o The Great Suspender

If you usually work with many open tabs in your browser, it is likely that you will be a little slower and this, in the day to day, despairs a bit. This extension allows you to free the cache of your computer by automatically suspending those tabs that, for the moment, you are not using.

o Grammarly

With this extension you can review all your texts that do not contain grammatical errors, whether in blog articles or even emails. In practice, the extension will highlight in red those errors to correct.

o Google Keep Notes

If you already know this Google tool, its extension is not very different. It serves to save texts, images or links of pages and create notes that you can see soon, since they are saved automatically. It is very useful if you suddenly have an idea or remember something you have to do.

o Extensions Manager

Finally, for the height of the extensions, if you have found many extensions that interest you and now occupy half of your web browser, with this extension you can organize them. In this way, it gives you the option to hide the extensions that you are not using and show you only those that are.

And you? Do you use any of these extensions already? Do you miss any? Tell us what extensions you use and why we should include it in this list!

And if you want to keep up to date with what will come in a few months in the Digital Marketing world, here are the SEM 2020 trends.

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