Lead Nurturing strategy with PPC | Find out how to design it!

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Laura Gimenez

INBOUND MARKETING · 12 / 06 / 2017

The Lead Nurturing It is a term between marketeros that has certainly been succeeding lately, especially in the field of the PPC. But before we begin to see how to formulate a Lead Nurturing strategy, we will first remember what it really means.

The Lead Nurturing by definition is the process of developing customer relationships at every step of the Funnel. It focuses marketing and communication efforts in listening to the needs of potential customers and giving them the information and solutions they need.

In addition to the new features and the improvement of the actual features tested through payment platforms, there are many layers of sophistication that can be incorporated into the campaigns: these focus layers are added to increase performance, in any part of the funnel.

Where to start with your Lead Nurturing strategy?

Before developing a Lead Nurturing strategy, the funnel has to be well identified. Is your company an ecommerce? Generation of leads? Is there more than one step for lead generation? (For example, a free trial followed by a premium subscription) is there any information followed by an application?

Let’S See How you can identify yourself:

Lead Nurturing

No matter what type of platform you have, you can apply the above to any marketing funnel, and it is scalable to any marketing strategy.

Building Lead Nurturing’s strategy

Each business should have its own set of goals, and when building a nurturing campaign it should be tailored to every business. Let’s say that we are working with a multi-step conversion process, that is, that the consumer will have to fill out several forms or will have to do several actions until being considered a lead or a convert. Also, consider the information you offer, and test where there are more leads that you convert. Do you get leads on a page where a video, blog content, or Web site topic pages appear?

Depending on your configuration will help you or not to determine the message and content you use in every step of your nurturing program.

For example, let’s assume that after the initial form and that the welcome information has been sent, the user has not yet made the last step of conversion. You will need to add this user to a new audience where you can see the best support content, add it to “section B”. This in turn can convert or not, in this case I add to the new audience “section C”, and so on you can complete this funnel, until you have data to do so.

lead nurturing strategy

Keys to your Lead Nurturing strategy

More and more users want and expect the messages to be presented in the most personal and specific way possible. Simply because they belong to a segment does not mean that they see the same message on social networks as they would see in a search tool. You have to reach them in a personal, friendly way, generate a conversation in your message.

In addition, the PPC should not be the only form of Lead Nurturing. You will need to use email, social networks, etc. The PPC gives you control over how your audience interacts with your sequences, teaching the messages in the exact order they should be seen. However, with multi-channel marketing it doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to be everywhere. Use the PPC as a tactic, not as the only source.

Final Thoughts

“Rome was not built in a day” and to create a strategy of Lead Nurturing IN exhaustive PPC, either. Your strategy should be addressed with the help of multiple third parties and a lot of time to learn and discover as you creating it. Once you have the hitch of your lead nurturing program, you will have much more impact on success and marketing goals in the long run.

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