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INBOUND MARKETING · 22 / 04 / 2019

The definition of a correct digital marketing strategy, implementation and subsequent execution are key to achieving the proposed objectives. But, as you can imagine, the definition of a good digital marketing strategy is more complex than it may seem.

There are many factors to consider, it should not be something trivial the points that are treated, or how they should develop these. It must also be an action that is consistent, agreed and in line with your client.

Why is the digital marketing strategy so important?

We as Digital Menta, when we do the strategies for the different customers we like to define them as a tailored suit, since each one of them has to be made to the millimeter to fit to their needs.

You have to be clear, What a customer has worked, doesn’t have to work for another. So the digital marketing strategy becomes so important.

Can you imagine a company like Coca-Cola without a digital marketing strategy? Impossible. Well, here’s the same thing. The size or dimension of the company does not imply that it is more or less relevant to carry out a digital strategy. 

You have to be aware that the digital marketing strategy will be the guide to show us the path we must follow in order to achieve the objectives and The unification of the different channels. Ultimately, it will define success to impact our Buyer person.

Without a digital marketing strategy, it is impossible to have a roadmap to operate all the machinery needed to reach the goal.

Difference between strategy and tactics

Another point that highlights the fact of having a digital marketing strategy is the fact of differentiating the concept of strategy and tactics.

To make clear these two concepts, we must deepen and show the three major differences that have:

  • Period of time. The strategy is a much longer draught, while the tactic is concentrated in a more concrete or short-term period of time.
  • The features.The strategy has a more holistic vision and broad objectives; The tactic has a partial appreciation of the situation by working on secondary and concrete objectives.
  • The concept.While the strategy is more abstract, less measurable; The tactic is concrete, focused on a more precise objective.

For example:

  • The strategy:It is the common line that all tactics must follow. That is to say, to define the communication, the interaction and the campaigns that will be launched in the social networks.
  • The tactic:Open a profile on social networks or publish 4 post a week on Facebook.

I hope you have made it clear the difference between these two concepts, but you can learn more in this post about the strategy concept.

Steps to define a successful digital marketing strategy

I have already explained the importance of a digital marketing strategy and the difference between strategy and tactics. Clarified these points, it is time to get to work with all those aspects that must be clear when developing.

1.-Previous analysis

For meThe most important point to start developing a good digital marketing strategy correctly It is the previous analysis that must be made of the client, not only internally but, in conjunction with this one.

In this way, what we create is a unified team, composed of Digital Menta members and those of the client, to work side by side in the new challenges that are proposed. In this case, the first of all would be the definition of the digital marketing strategy.

The first thing we do is to keep an internal meeting on the team of Digital Menta to show the common points that we have extracted from the different meetings that have been held with the client. In this way, what we achieve is to put in common the different ideas and conclusions that have been taken.

Once these ideas are unified, it is time to dialogue with the client, to establish the basis of the future Digital Marketing strategy.

So what do we get:

  • Detect improvements. Those points that are already implemented but need improvement. For example, in case of an inbound Marketing strategy, it could be optimization of the workflows.
  • Detect needs. Other points that are extracted is the detection of the company needs, that is to say, where we must emphasize or focus to create new business opportunities. For example, generating new Landing pages in a range of products for an ecommerce.
  • Extract the most important points. Or what is the same, generate a roadmap to trace with the customer the points that have the most value for him when it comes to start the digital marketing strategy. For example, how to implement communication in the different digital channels of the agency.
  • Priority level for the customer. In the end what is shown is a map that clearly observes the priorities of the client itself and therefore must be exactly reflected in our digital marketing strategy.

The previous analysis, as I said, is key, so it must be obligatory to start building our strategy. As the agency, we always carry out a thorough analysis of the client whatever the service it requires: SEO Marketing, SEM, Social Paid, Inbound Marketing or UX.

2.-Definition of the buyer person

Following the chronological order, we already know what the needs of our client and the improvements that must be implemented. However, it is essential to know first hand who we are going to address.

Here typical demographic data-based segmentation does not work. Therefore, nOr we should focus solely on the target, but hilar much finer and go to the root, the description of the buyer person, ie to the definition of our ideal customer.

No doubt the buyer person is one of the Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing, but not only for this methodology, but for any Digital Marketing action it must be a Must.

To carry out a Digital Marketing strategy without knowing our buyer person is like introducing you to an IronMan race without having trained.

In short, the buyer person is A fictitious representation of the ideal client. It helps to better understand the customer and makes it much easier to find content or actions that arrive and meet your needs. We should never want to know “above” our client, we want to know every possible fact about him.

In this concept, We move away from the axiom of target and segments and go one step further. Our research has to take a quantitative, and above all, qualitative leap:

  • The place where you live what type of housing you have.
  • Of income to the tastes you have and what the money is spent.
  • Of the training to the position that it has and in which it develops its time.
  • From the social class to the needs and problems it has.

As you can see, is to make an ideal profile of our client, to obtain the following advantages and contributions:

  • The buyer person defines needs. Which we can link to the needs of the company mentioned above in the initial analysis.
  • The buyer person applies the need he has identified to several segments of that public, Beyond sex, age or purchasing power.
  • The buyer person takes advantage of several segmentsOf the public who share the same need.


And behold, the epicenter of any strategy that is self-respecting, The targets.The objectives must be in line with all the information gathered in advance, so that these are realistic and achievable.

Of nothing will serve us, perform the best analysis and the best profile of the buyer person if they do not mark realistic goals, but well thought if the objectives are not consistent with the organization, it is very possible that the analysis and definition of our ideal client is not The best.

To do this, Our methodology is based on marking a goal as a priority objective in the strategy and within this, more specific objectives based on the tactics we will use.

For the latter, the objectives must be SMART, by its acronym in English:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • In time

4.-What means and tools we have

Media or communication channels

Now is the time to delve into the resources of the company, ie the communication channels available. We can divide them into:

  • The paid media or the paid media. They are the means that are paid and of which there is a thorough control.
  • The Owned media or own media. Our own channels created by the brand as are the websites, blog or social networks.
  • The average Earned or means won. Are the relationships that are created with the customers or followers of the brand. At present, they have become a channel without any control by means of the brand, which is commonly called mouth-ear. These means are what can bring a great benefit to brands, such as increased credibility, impact on sales, transparency, trust… And it is also the impact on conventional media because of the notoriety of the campaign.

From Digital Menta We specialize in performance marketing campaigns focused on different strategies, as can be seen in our Case Studies.

When developing a digital marketing strategy plan, both the paid and the own media are counted. The means won must be a consequence of our good work.


Depending on the objective and the strategy marked, it is necessary to use the best digital marketing tools to achieve the previously defined strategy.

Obviously, the tools used for the implementation of a Inbound Marketing Strategy Focused on B2B than those used for the achievement of a SEO strategy.

For example, in our case, we use Sales Force Pardot for B2B campaigns, of which we are partners and we have qualified personnel like Pardot Specialist. In addition, we have a strategic alliance with Kenshoo and BidBalance among others, to offer the best service to our customers.

It is important to see these tools as an investment, since in the end what improvements are productivity and results, among many other benefits.

Once you have all these elements well defined, you already have the essential ingredients to make the perfect recipe and begin to develop the Digital Marketing strategy.

But this does not end here, there is much more: what now?

Once we have the strategy developed and the different tactics put in place, the road has only made it start.

The ideal is to use a clear methodology. In Digital Menta We always focus on these clear points:

  • Goal
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Further and continuous analysis
  • Application of improvements

Obviously, at the stage where we would meet, we would have to focus on the last two points.


I hope that the detailed description of these points will help you to develop orna effective digital marketing strategy.

I want to highlight, that each client is a world and not everything has to be Jack, horse and King, there are many variants depending on the type of customer. Remember that the strategy must be tailor-made, because what has worked for a customer may not work.

Remember that if you want an optimal strategy for your company, from Digital Menta We have professionals who will make a strategic plan to achieve your goals.

What steps do you make to carry out a digital marketing strategy? Do you think you have a good strategic plan in your company? 

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