How to get subscribers for my online store

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Laura Gimenez

INBOUND MARKETING · 12 / 04 / 2017

Why do I need subscribers? Because here there are the sales!

Sometimes it happens that we focus on trying to sell directly our product, but we do not realize that all the potential is on our list of subscribers to the online store or blog. It is these people, those interested in our blog, who probably buy our products, because they are part of a community.

The Email marketing It is one of the most powerful tools to get sales, so our efforts, if we have a blog, is to focus on getting subscribers daily for the online store. But why do I need subscribers to sell?

    • Because we managed to establish a very powerful contact line through email marketing
    • Because once I got the email from a visitor I have many future opportunities to be able to offer my product or service
    • Because a reader of your blog or a visitor of your online store becomes a subscriber
    • Because you can make him feel part of a community
    • Because you can offer exclusive products or services
    • Because it’s the best way to offer product to subscribers

At the moment you want to sell a product or announce a change in your company, you will have at your disposal a jewel, a number of people, who in principle, are interested in what you send.

Want to know the top 10 tricks to earn subscribers for your online store?

  • Create a blog relevant to your audience

The first step is to create a blog of a theme related to your website or online store, and you know that may interest or add value to your audience. Posting continuously is one of the best ways to capture the attention of users to later take them to see your website or online store and buy your product.

Some of the things you can do to keep your audience up to date with your updates is, create a group of related posts, so that the user is attentive to the novelties of the topic that interests him; or create a feed by RSS, which facilitates the reading of several blogs and alerts the user when there is a new post.

  • Send a newsletter on a regular basis

Before you start capturing emails you must have thought of an email marketing strategy. In addition, integrating it into a Inbound Marketing Strategy. Also think about what tool you are going to use to manage your subscriber list, either Mailrelay Or  Mailchimp. The emails you send should not be all sales-oriented, but you must offer content that reports and engages.

  • Make him feel exclusive

One of the best ways to get a visitor’s email is to offer you something in return. If you give me your email, you will get to be part of an exclusive community, which has these discounts or the first free shipping.

  • Notify when there is stock ⏰

You may not have a product in stock in your online store at the time you are interested in it. Ask for the email at that time to be able to notify you when there is product available. Thus, you will have a lot of possibilities to generate a sale because you have already said that you are interested in that particular product, that color and that size, for example. You also get valuable information because you know more about what that person likes and in the future you will be able to offer them related products. Learn more here about your Buyer person.

  • Offers free shipping

Someone who is willing to buy for €24.99 and has already chosen the characteristics of the product and is about to buy, which suddenly comes a final price of €31,99 because it has added the shipment can back. And more if you know I could go to the physical store and buy it for the original price. First of all, you have to keep track of costs and never lose money by offering free shipping, but you can raise the price of the product a little and offer free shipping, which is a very powerful tool to sell.

  • Offer a free sample of your product

Offers a freebie in exchange for email we love things for free! Or if you prefer, in exchange for making fans of your Facebook page, or sharing, for example. You don’t have to lose money with this, it can be an online resource (a first chapter of your book) or a small gift, such as a sample of Cologne or a bracelet (in a fashion store) or a spectacle cover or a cord that holds glasses (in the case of a spectacle store of Sun)

No need to incur shipping costs, can be a printable when you get to the store give you the small gift. And above, when you reach the store, the seller tops the play by offering you a product (for example with a discount) and teaching you what you offer.

  • Make them create a private account

“Force” your user to create an account if they want to buy your product. They do the big stores, and thus manage to capture your email (first thing you must ask) and so, in case you leave the purchase, at least you have your email to retarget and remind you that you are still there. It’s a bit tiring for the customer to fill in a lot of data, but in return you won’t have to do it the next time you buy.

  • Use a pop-up when you leave your store

Pop-ups can be very annoying, but if you use it well, it can be very useful and not intrusive. Set up a pop-up to jump when you leave your store. Offers a discount for the next purchase in exchange for registration. Sure that makes them change their minds, and in case they buy in the future, they will give you your email to get a discount.

  • Offers exclusive discounts if you register

You can Place reduced prices on each product next to the original, which are unlocked only when they are registered. This is a good idea to appear to those who visit your store for the first time, because you do not miss the opportunity to not come back, because you’ve got your email! Also, put this discount for the first purchase, do not make them accustomed to always have discount, besides that as a store would not be profitable.

  • Optimize the forms for those who buy with the mobile

Mobile global traffic will grow about 8 times between 2015 and 2020 and in Spain we have more mobile phones than computers (Ditrendia Report). Knowing this, how not to adapt the forms for those who visit us with their mobile? You have to configure it to be very easy to register, do not ask all your data because you will lose.

We hope that these ten tricks to get subscribers for your online store put them in motion and serve you. Tell us if you have any more that worked for you

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