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INBOUND MARKETING · 29 / 08 / 2019

Are you reconsidering your professional career? Would you like to dedicate yourself to Digital Marketing? If the answer is yes, you may be interested in this post. 

Get a good job in Digital Marketing can be quite complicated by it, in this post I would like to share with you some tips after my passage through Digital Menta. 


What should I study if I want to get a job in Digital Marketing?

Is there one college career more focused than the other? Well, maybe I am. When we pronounce the word “Marketing”, degrees such as Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Market Research and Analysis or Business Administration and Management are projected into our minds. Now, is it the same with Digital Marketing?

Personally, I’d say no. In Digital MentaI have interviewed profiles specialized in digital marketing from degrees such as Pharmacy, Philology or Law, but also profiles who, without having any secondary or higher education degree, are true specialists in digital marketing. 

So, how can I train to get a job in Digital? Which is the best way?

I don’t know if there is a better way than another, but even so, I can share with you some ways you can follow to get experience and a good job in Digital Marketing. 

  • If opting to get that Formation through regulated studies, I recommend that you opt for private schools or universities. To date, there is no Digital Marketing degree in any public university in Spain. 

But this is not limited exclusively to Digital Marketing. We often hear that recent graduates facing the world of work have failed to develop the skills and competencies required of them in today’s world of work. 

This situation has led to the signing of some collaboration agreements between private entities and universities. An example of this is the signing of a Collaborative Agreement between Telefónica and the CEU, to carry out joint activities between both institutions within the Official Degree in Business Intelligence of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences for the current academic year 2018-2019.


But let’s get back to what we’re interested in. 


You’ve already decided on training, and now what? I invite you to try an experiment. Search in Google, “Digital Maketing courses” and be surprised. I’m sure you’ll be overwhelmed by so many specialized courses, master’s degrees and postgraduates. This is the perfect time to bring out your most critical self. 

It is important that you take the time to find the right course and school for you. To do this, I would recommend that, at first try to delimit the area you want to devote yourself within the digital marketing. For example, SEM, SEO, Content Marketing or Social Ads. Otherwise, you are likely to choose that which is more general or “complete”, but not very concrete. And secondly, I would recommend that you take references from the schools that offer this training. 


Make sure that what they “sell” to you is real and your investment will be useful in the near future. 

And remember, in a world of information, all information is scarce. 

  • On the contrary, it may happen that you have come across a enterprise that bets heavily on internal training. As I mentioned before, digital marketing is one of the specializations that is not regulated by Public Education, but it is very much in demand by companies because, what is a company today that does not have a presence on the Internet?


The growing need to incorporate digital marketing professionals into the business fabric has led organizations to take over and take up the challenge. 


In this sense, I would recommend that you try to find your own luck. Study the possibilities that a digital marketing job in a company or agency can offer you, spend time figuring out which organizations can offer you the training you need, and research the organizations that use the most sophisticated digital tools and go for them. 


Opting for a company consolidated in Digital Marketing can be a more than successful option. After my passage through Digital MentaI have noticed that the training offered by the schools is often quite far removed from the practical reality of the sector. 


Having exposed the most important ways to train them to try to get a job in Digital Marketing, I would not like to forget about self-study. Throughout this time, I have met a multitude of Digital Marketing professionals who have been shaping their knowledge thanks to the curiosity awakened by the digital world. 


A few lines ago I commented that in Spain there was still no formal training in this discipline but the same does not happen in the wonderful world of the Internet. With just one click you will have many digital marketing resources at your fingertips. However, I suggest again that you show that you have the potential to be a “selection technician” and choose good material. And I wouldn’t want to fall into any cliché, but due to that misinformation and the lack of regulated training on Digital Marketing, it has been used to publish resources without quality or empty content. This is nothing new. 


But, if your ambition goes a little further and you would like to make a difference in digital marketing, here are some ideas in case you decide to embark on the adventure:

  1. Bet on the presence in social networks: in a digital and totally connected world like today, meeting someone who has no presence on any social network seems unprecedented. The most common thing is that as Internet users we have presence in some social network as entertainment or professional level. The latter has been generalized in recent years due to the multiple benefits of presence on networks, contact with valued professionals in digital marketing, collaborate with them or even get recommendations.
  2. He works on a good Linkedin profile. Recruitment 2.0 has been talked about for some time through Linkedin. In fact, there has been more than one candidate who has told me that he or she did not have an updated resume, as all the information about his or her career could be found through Linkedin. 


The rules of the game have changed, now employees and companies connect directly through social networks for transparency. 


But let’s get to the point, what effect does this have on you (as an employee)? Without a doubt, take care of your Linkedin profile, pamper it and update it. Don’t forget to interact. This last one is very important. It’s no use having a presence on the net if you don’t do anything to get more views of your profile. 


Two professionals who can help you exploit this social network, whom I follow and appreciate are David Diaz Robisco And Carsi Lluch Angels. Other influential profiles in this network for me are Rebeca Canal, Mar Domínguez Seda, Ignacio Isusi or Mayte García Caneiro. I’m sure I’ll leave some, but following them will give you an idea of how this social network is managed and interacts. 


Finally, I would not like to say goodbye to this post without recommending something that seems quite basic and obvious but is fundamental;

  • If you decide to use Linkedin to exploit your value proposition and make it visible to recruiters and other HR professionals, use the web by setting a clear and solid strategy to approach your target audience and convey to them what makes you different as a professional. 
  • This requires work and effort, and also some time. But arm yourself with patience and don’t want to accumulate contacts everywhere at the cost of a low quality profile. It is preferable that you spend time making interesting contacts and maintaining constant relationships with them. This is the true essence of the network. 


That the digital world has come to stay is a reality.


Important steps have been taken and we are moving in the right direction, however, it is still a little early to shout to the four winds that the State devotes a significant part of the budget dedicated to Education to promote these disciplines. There is still a long way to go so that everyone who loves digital can have access to this education. 


Let’s learn to live together and work with digital tools. Let’s show that the human and the digital are not at odds. 


In this post I have left you possible ways for you to get a good job in Digital Marketing. Do you join the challenge?

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