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Laura Gimenez

INBOUND MARKETING · 27 / 06 / 2017

Set up an email Marketing campaign to get the sender to read us from dozens of emails in his inbox, has a lot of merit.

As you know the Email Marketing Strategy It is a communication tool in which the email is used to reach potential clients. To manage it there are many providers of this service, such as Mailchimp Or Hubspot, among others. It allows us to segment and adapt the content that we send, so we get a greater return on the investment.

Email marketing is also a user loyalty tool , as long as the database is cared for and each user is spoken in the correct tone.

Among the advantages of email marketing we find that it is measurable (we can analyze the opening rate, the clicks in the links that we have included, the casualties, the impacts…), is economic, does not need a big investment, is not intrusive (the user is supposed to have Previously accepted to send you information), etc.

Within the Inbound Marketing Methodology Email marketing fits perfectly in each of the phases of the user’s purchase cycle: For the attraction phase users share by email the content they like; For the conversion phase, you can use The email to generate trust; For the closing phase, segment and personalize emails to better connect with users; Finally, in the stage of falling in love, continues to show attention by the already converted user, does not end everything with the conversion.

How to get the best email marketing Campaign

Then we will give you 10 tips to build the best campaign for your business:

  • Put a title that is flashy for your user. Makes the offer or benefit clear. Communicate with a direct message what exclusive and irresistible content will be found when you open the email. Does it include any emoticons?
  • It shows a simple structure in the email. Select a template that contains space for text and images, but do not abuse any of them.

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  • Do tests before you send the email in bulk. Send the email to a test email and do the test. Check that the spelling is perfect.
  • Get A/B Test: Launch two versions of the same email and test to see which one converts more?. The changes can be in the title, in the colors, or in the Call To Action.
  • Personalize the email with the company logo, which is clear who sends the message. Also log in from the header. The contact details and the information that you create relevant will go in the footer, so the user can contact you. ✉️
  • Includes social buttons. Make it easy for them to quickly share the content on social networks. You can also follow us on the net that you prefer and so know us a little more.
  • Put a link so they can unsubscribe. Many times we do not find this option in the emails we receive, but it must be visible to leave the option open to unsubscribe to the user.
  • Don’t forget the unique, clear and concise action call — that identifies well what you want the user to do. Put it easy and give it a button shape to the action call. Also the link that contains that leads to the product page that is being talked or the full post you want to read.
  • Segment your database, create different lists depending on the type of buyer concerned. Thus you will be able to offer to each user products related to what you already know that is interested as well as offers, to offer content of value, and to avoid so that it is disconnected. ❌
  • Send email from a person (may be the CEO or the marketing manager), not from the generic mail company. The ratio of openings will grow considerably, because people rely more on a person than on a general email. If you are wondering if it would work with your company, try A/B test. 

Here are the tips that you can not miss in your Email Marketing strategy. do you know any more? Tell US!

And if you are already an expert and need is help in your payment campaigns Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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