The perfect mix between web design and application development. When we talk about a Progressive Web Apps (PWA), we refer to a type of interface that could be defined as a web page that tries to take advantage of technologies to offer a mobile experience similar to a native application. Therefore, we can say that they are halfway between a website and an app, since it tries to extract the best features or advantages of each of them.

Various features of the Progressive Web Apps, make these user interfaces highly suitable to improve, among other factors, the experience of our users. Among these factors we can consider: the adaptability to different devices, the need to be connected to the Internet to be able to use it and the possibility of interacting again with functions such as push notifications.

One of the most important reasons why these types of progressive web applications begin to appear is, therefore, to offer a better user experience.

In each company, the needs are unique. Therefore, when carrying out a web design, we must establish an in-depth analysis to achieve its own objectives.

For example, when the development of an online store is carried out, the main objective is to sell more through the network. When a corporate website is created, the final objective is different, which is generally more linked to branding, creating a brand and improving the positioning of the company, although that leads to them knowing us more and finally generating more sales. Therefore we have to analyze what advantages we will offer to establish or develop a PWA this system depending on our needs.

These are some of the benefits of developing a Progressive Web App:

Indexable content

Allowing organic traffic to the site and improving SEO positioning.

Push notifications

This allows you to keep the user informed of the latest news from the site.


Hace posible la optimización de rendimiento en dispositivos móviles.


Makes it possible to optimize performance on mobile devices.

Offline Access

The loading speed is fully optimized. Allowing faster and user-friendly interfaces.

Use of HTTPS

Allows access to the content without the need for a connection.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive web apps or progressive web applications is a term that gives name to a new generation of interfaces. In general terms they are web pages that behave like native applications.

How is an App different from a Progressive Web App?

An app needs more installation time while a PWA is installable and requires less space on the device.

What are the advantages of using Progressive Web App?

Its content is indexable, allows push notifications, the loading speed is fully optimized and allows access to content without connection between other advantages.

What to consider for the design of a Progressive Web App?

Since it takes native elements of apps, it is an element to consider considering native components of both Android and iOS when launching its design.

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