10 aspects in which Digital Menta looks like a shuttle

Yesterday shuttle communicated the 32 new projects Who are going to participate this year. This is the third edition of this ambitious project by Juan Roig.

For us shuttle is an example of motivation and inspiration in Spain and particularly in the Valencian Community. By saving the obvious differences between your project and ours, we would like to talk about the similarities of the projects in terms of business culture. 

1. Entrepreneurial character

The character of the shuttle seeks to generate an enterprising attitude in Spain. Regardless of the fact that a small part of the almost 1300 projects that are presented are selected, that the people are motivated to present proposals, and it dynamizes the business culture and "Palar".

We have that attitude; We went out many of us from An exceptional company like Google, to get into the world of business creation. Despite having a comfortable job, we wanted to start to create something new and our own.

2. Dynamizing the national economy and the Valencian Community

We have been in crisis for a few years now. It has become clear that we have to be the ordinary people, and not the politicians of any color, who have to work to improve the situation.

Shuttle is looking to inject the entrepreneurial virus into young people so that they feel able to create new projects that generate employment.

Digital Menta Look for the companies in our environment to digitise and look for different ways of doing things to be more competitive. There is a great opportunity for all companies in the digital field.

3. Hard work to achieve the proposed objectives

The culture of effort, the motto of Juan Roig, is also in our culture. We work long hours to raise our projects in the most successful way possible.

4. Goal of creating quality and high added value employment

Shuttle, through its involvement in the successful development of multiple projects seeks to generate new high-value-added workstations related to technology and focused on offering services or products of high differential value.

On the other hand, Digital Menta It was born with the aim of creating quality employment in Spain and the Valencian Community (in fact this is reflected in the Covenant of partners). We also encourage Intraemprendurismo so that people who work in Digital Menta , rather than task-oriented, are proactively problem- solving.

5. Young Spirit

The young spirit is not age-related. Although entrepreneurship is mistakenly associated with being young, anyone of any age who wants to create things can face new projects. The young spirit of the projects seeks to solve the problems without valuing the prejudices that are generated with the age. The open mind of Shuttle and Digital Menta It is one of the greatest values of these projects.

Young Spirit-Shuttle- Digital Menta

Young Spirit

6. Constant innovation

Conforming to what is already known, even though it can be understood as a great differential value, makes the competition moving forward separate or reach more quickly.

In Digital Menta We always look for ways of doing things differently and looking to improve them constantly. We do not seek perfection in the first iteration, we prefer to learn by doing and improving in future iterations.

7. Search for Internationalization

Digital Menta Born International, our first customer is from Puerto Rico and we are developing BUSINESS in LATAM. Many of the workers in Digital Menta We have lived in different countries and known multiple cultures, which makes us very comfortable working for clients from all over the world.

The shuttle seeks to develop projects, for the most part, that have an international scope. Technology has no boundaries and we must not put ourselves at the limits.

8. Search for the best talent

Looking to work with the best, allows the ability of success to increase highly. To work with the best you have to offer something differential, to make those people want to work with us. It is not just a question of offering better salaries, but of offering a exciting project where people are constantly evolving.

9. inconformity

Many of the shuttle entrepreneurs are not by necessity, but by non-conformity. Many of them have left their jobs safe to fight for projects in which they believe and motivate them. In Digital Menta , the comfort zone discomforts US. As in a shuttle, if you want to have a stable and quiet position, you must look for another place to be.

10. Generosity

This concept is one of the greatest motivators of the current economy. Offering something, often without asking for anything in return, moves people and makes them succeed in advancing their projects. Being generous at the salary level, caring for the staff, helping colleagues with punctual needs, and even other companies, without asking for anything in return, generates a lot of positivity and attitude to collaborate to solve problems together.

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SEM · 30/06/2015

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