10 keys to create the perfect ad in Google Ads

Nobody is perfect. Neither is a Google Ads ad. However, with the right notions about the platform, knowing the needs of our target audience well and following precise guidelines we can create (almost) perfect ads.

But what does perfection mean for a Google Ads ad? What distinguishes a good ad from one “from the heap” is the ability to impact the audience. How do we achieve this? Below, I summarize the key points that we must follow to achieve this goal:

Get your perfect ad in Google Ads

1. Take the opportunity to differentiate yourself

A Google Ads ad allows you to speak directly to a user likely to want what you offer. But, normally you will not be alone, your competitors will show their ads next to yours, so make the most of your ad talking about your Value Proposition, that is, tell your audience what you do better than your competition.

2. Use your Keywords in the Google Ads Ad

Using your Keywords and repeating them a couple of times in the ad text has several advantages. First, reduce the cost per click. As many of you will know, when a search occurs and the auction starts there are a couple of variables that will determine that you pay more or less for a click. We talk about the bid (what you bid and what your competitors are bidding) and the level of quality. And what influences the level of quality of my keywords? Several factors, including the relevance of the ad. A greater relevance, higher quality and less Cost per Click. What can we do to improve the relevance of the ad? Add the keywords in the ad text. Our recommendation is that you use them in the title and in the visible URL.

3. Use capital letters, but do it carefully

Capitalizing the Initials of Some Words makes what you write More Attractive and Visually Appealing. Right?

It’s great to highlight the text of an ad in Google Ads but be careful! Do this with a few words, but avoid capitalizing on articles or connectors. And remember, it is not possible to write whole words in uppercase or one letter in uppercase in the middle of a word. Luckily there are exceptions. You can write whole words in capital letters as long as they are registered trademarks, abbreviations or coupon codes.

4. Add a period at the end of the first descriptive line

This is a fairly widespread trick among advertisers but you may not know. If we finish the first descriptive line with a period, when our ad appears at the top of the results (in the top three) the first line will go up and will appear after the title. What else could be a better way to highlight what we have in this line of the ad in Google Ads?

Anuncio de Google Ads completo

5. Make an attractive offer

Remember that the competition is out there and is fighting just like you to get the biggest portion of the cake. Therefore, stay away from them by differentiating yourself with attractive offers that help your audience decide for you without thinking. Add the most important message you want to communicate on the front lines of your ad, such as offers and promotions.

6. Finish your ad with a resounding Call To Action

It is VERY important, and basic! Let us tell the user what we want them to do after reading the Google Ads ad. Therefore, end it with a clear Call to Action. “Visit our Web”, “Buy Now” or “Register Now” are some examples of recommended Call To Actions.

Remember that there are certain expressions that we cannot use in ads, such as “Click Here.”

7. Don’t forget the rest of the toys, play it out with everything!

Google Ads can be accompanied by add-ons that make a difference: ad extensions.

Use the amazing Extensions to talk about attributes of your product and service that you could not add in the ad text; Call extensions for users to contact you directly by phone or Site Link so that from the ad they can go directly to a section of your website. Watch that they make sense and do not repeat information that you already offer in the text of the Google Ads ad.

Have they written about your business in the press? Take advantage of the Review Extensions to give your company more credibility through the ad.

8. Take users to a relevant and conversion-oriented Landing Page

The User Experience is the mantra of Web Design, especially if you want your page to be conversion-oriented. So, make sure it loads fast (users do not usually have more than three seconds of patience) and do not forget that the content of your website must be related to the ad, it must be relevant.

Make sure your landing page is responsive!

If you want to know more about web design oriented to conversions you can read the article of our blog in which we talk about how to create efficient landing pages.

9. Make use of your Creativity

A good tactic to differentiate yourself from your competition is to have an original and striking message. Display all your creative skills and try to write a surprising copy.

10. Test again and again

I have written a great ad. Should I have a rest now? Never! Forbidden to relax! Now is the time for you to do tests and experiments trying some variations and see which one works best.

Written by

Miriam Jimenez

SEM · 06 / 02 / 2020

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