14 SEM tools to analyze your competition

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Juan Vila Bou

SEM · 16 / 01 / 2020

1. Auction Insights (Comparison of auctions)

The first of the SEM tools in the list we have within the Google Ads interface itself. Through the Auction Insights or Comparison of auctions, we can determine which competitors participate in the auctions for the same keywords for which we bid. In particular, we can consult: what share of impressions they have, what is their average position, how many times our ads have appeared at the same time as theirs when a user has done a search, what % of occasions their ads have appeared in better position than the ours or even in the first position.

Auction-Insights-Adwords-7 tools to analyze your PPC competition-Google Docs

These data will help us determine value data, such as whether our competitors are aggressive in their bids in a linear way or in certain epics. With this information we will be able to make better strategic decisions and optimize our campaigns.

2. SpyFu

This is one of the SEM tools that provides quite specific information about the keywords that our competitors are bidding on and which ones get the best results. In addition, it is possible to see actual ads that have been active for up to a month before performing our analysis. And all this in the free version!

Simply by typing the web address of one of our competitors we will be able to see data such as: Estimated monthly estimate of Google Ads, keywords of payment, best competitors of payment, average position of the ads, clicks per day, keywords and copies.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush IS Another SEM tool quite Similar to SpyFu. Within the free version, writing the website of our competition, we will be able to see what are its main competitors (do we appear on the list?), what are their ads, average position for the main keywords and% of the budget and Total traffic that is assigned to those keywords. Of course, with the paid version, all these results and statistics are much more complete.

SEMRush also allows us to track the information of our competitors ‘ Facebook and Bing accounts as well as organic traffic.

SemRush-7 tools to analyze your competition SEM-Google Docs

4. iSpionage

This is a tool SEM quite complete in its free version. In addition to getting information about what keywords our competitors are bidding on and some information about their campaigns and ads, the paid version gives us the option to create new campaigns based on this information.

5. KeywordSpy

The differentiating fact that KeywordSpy offers is to suggest combinations of keywords and advertisements that, according to the data of the tool, are the most profitable. The customers that this software claims to have include Toyota, American Express, or IBM. It is possible to take a free trial with which you can access up to 10 keywords, ads and competition domains.

6. Moat

In your ad finder we can find the banners that our competitors have created for their Display campaigns and Remarketing, simply by putting your name on it. In addition to seeing the creativity and to analyze the call-to-actions of our competition, we can also see on what dates were active those banners and for which device.

7. Adbeat

Platform that gives visibility of all actions in different channels for any brand or competitor, allowing to analyze the global strategy of an advertiser, where their ads appear, which networks, formats and advertising creativities use.

It also allows you to analyze which are the big competitors in your sector, find new ones or detect those who invest the most, so that you can make decisions in your business model.

Adbeat is one of the 14 SEM Tools to analyze the competition

8. Similarweb

Similarweb is one of the 14 SEM tools for analyzing competition

As in the previous tool, Similarweb allows you to find growth opportunities in all channels by revealing the marketing strategies of your competitors: search, visualization, content, affiliation and media buying activities.

With SEM tool for analyzing the competition we can uncover the creative strategies, landing pages, advertising networks and markets where your competitors operate, allowing us to be able to effectively direct our company’s advertising spend.

9. Minderest

Minderest is about a SEM tool to monetize the prices of your competitors, very useful for those e-commerce and retailers who advertise products that are common in different advertisers.

With the monitoring of price, promotion and stock in online and offline channels we can analyze, in real time, the pricing strategies of our competitors and distributors, anticipating the changes in the market.

The tool also allows us to automatically set prices in your e-commerce thanks to a price modification algorithm.

10. Boardfy

Boardfy as well as Minderest is about a SEM tool that will help us in our  Shopping campaigns Search or Market Places as it allows you to control the prices of competitors or distributors from any market or country optimizing the pricing strategy to sell more and get more margin on sales.

It also has a functionality that allows you to improve the performance of Google Shopping campaigns thanks to the ability to convert your store’s catalog into an optimized feed with the products in which it has the best price or, if we prefer, creating a feed with custom filters.

11. Prisync

Another pricing software that helps watch the competition, optimize prices and maximize revenue from a single dashboard.

Up-to-date competitive pricing information and advanced analytics will be provided several times a day in various formats which will help you make any necessary pricing changes or adjustments to our campaigns.

12. Kompyte

This software allows us to easily identify trends in our competitive landscape by monitoring changes in the content and message strategy of your competitors.

The tool allows us to create attractive messages based on competitive analysis as well as identify improvements in products and functions, detect industry and market trends and change prices and promotions quickly, which will enhance the results we can get in our SEM campaigns.

13. Facebook Ad Library

Facebook has just updated this new section where it compiles all the ads that this company has currently active on the platform. At the moment, Facebook does not show any additional information or data, only the creativities except in the case of announcements on social issues, elections or politics, where besides seeing the context of a page, you can also consult the information of the report of the library of announcements, such as the expenditure of the previous week and the total expenditure.

From the standpoint of competitive analysis, this new section helps us to find out what promotional messages our competitors use to address their community and potential customers. That is, what you talk about and how you talk about them in your advertising messages.

Facebook Ad Library

14. Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that is normally used to exploit the most popular topics or see current trends but can also be used to analyze online competition, for example:

  • Analyze the evolution of a brand.
  • Analyze the evolution of certain products.
  • See geographically where they talk most.

The key point of using all these tools is not to lose sight of using the free versions you only have access to a part of the information, you do not have a complete 100% view. Therefore, competitive analysis must be carried out as a part of the Strategic Approach with SEM tools, not as a source that will determine what our next steps are.

I hope you have been useful this review of the main tools to perform a competitive analysis. If you have any doubts about how to get the most out of your digital strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us! ????


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