5 trends that we will see in SEM in 2018

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, audience segmentation, attribution, tracking online-offline, shopping…. These were some of the key concepts in SEM during 2017. But what can we expect FROM SEM in 2018?

1. Structured data will gain importance

Beyond the SEO, this year we will talk a lot more about structured data in SEM. It is true that it does not come from new; We are already accustomed to working with these types of files, such as Merchant Center Product Feeds or Adwords business data.

However, with Google leveraging the Manufacturer Center in new markets and expanding the information we can add to each of our products on the platform, it gives us a hint of how important this data will be in the near future.

2. The Google vs Amazon rivalry will generate news in search

We are faced with a giant struggle that, far from stopping, will intensify in 2018. We have seen how Google launched 3 programs (‘ Google Express ‘, ‘ Local searches by Google ‘ and ‘ purchases on Google ‘) aimed at attacking Amazon and win the game.

As a result of this, it is very likely that during the next year we will see how both platforms develop new ideas (extensions, segmentation capabilities, images in search ads, etc.) that we can test in our campaigns.

3. Visual and voice searches will change the way the user behaves before advertising

Voice Searches were one of the trends during the past year. Many articles, lectures at conferences and studies focused on this new phenomenon that grew exponentially. In 2018, voice searches are expected to continue to increase along with visual searches (e.g., Pinterest lens or Google lens).

Although we do not necessarily begin to create campaigns focused on this new type of searches, we will have to monitor this emergent trend to analyze what changes in behavior entails and what results the platforms show.

Busquedas por voz

4. Re-targeting

In 2018 we will have more possibilities of segmentation, which will allow us to personalize the messages of retargeting and focus them on the different types of audiences that we identify. This, coupled with the machine learning and the limitation of the frequency of the advertisements, will allow us to develop campaigns much more efficient and that do not impair the user experience.

5. Expansion to new channels

Although Google and Facebook will remain the Kings, it is expected that many companies this year will seek to grow through new channels and platforms. The Bing-LinkedIn duo will offer new opportunities, and other platforms, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Quora or Snapchat see growth during the next exercise.

Ready to discover all these novelties? We do! In next posts of the blog we will share more news with you. I’m sure 2018 is loaded ????

Thank you for reading!

Written by

Susana Argudo

SEM · 09 / 01 / 2018

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