7 Google products that you should link to AdWords

It’s well known by all, that Google, the famous company of Mountain View, turns its main business around its namesake search engine, and it’s profitable thanks to the advertisement. But the search engine is not the only product of the subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

In a previous publication, my colleague Daniel talked about 10 key Google AdWords tools to improve campaign management. In this post we will see 7 products From Google that you should link to AdWords and, although some of them have already mentioned before, today we see what brings us the fact of having them linked to our AdWords account. If your goal is to get the most out of your AdWords campaigns, take note of these tools. Started!

 1. Google Analytics

Like all good Web analyst links AdWords with your Analytics account to know the source of your web traffic, an account manager must also Link Analytics to AdWords to take advantage of all the advantages that gives us the connection between these two Google products.

Having this product linked to our advertising accounts allows us to import data and metrics from the Web Anlítica tool.

On The one hand, we have the possibility to import metrics that we can be useful when optimizing our campaigns, such as the Percentage of rebound, the Pages per session, the average session Duration or the% of new sessions. On the other hand, we can take advantage of the objectives that we have defined in our Analytics views and we can import them into our Adwords account to be able to track the conversions of our ads.

In the event that the objective of our advertising is to sell online, Analytics can become extremely useful if the improved e-commerce options are enabled. We Could use ROI or Return on Investment as KPI for our optimizations. That’s great!

productos de Google

Example of accounts you can link to Google Adwords

2. Google Search Console (formerly WebmasterTools)

This Google product allows us to know better the organic search terms related to our site. Linking with our AdWords account we can generate “performance reports in organic search and payment“. These reports allow us to jointly analyze the statistics of text ads and organic results, which can be useful to discover new keywords that we had overlooked, but that users do use to find us. Also these reports can be relevant to us to determine which searches generate more value and which less.

 3. Google Play

As already we were mentioning at the beginning of this post, the search engine is not the only star product of Google, and Android is a clear example of it. Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world according to statistics of Statcounter. AdWords does not offer the possibility to do mobile-oriented advertising or even make advertisements with the aim of getting downloads of mobile applications. Google Play is the marketplace for Android applications and linking our Google Play account with Adwords allows us, again, to have additional information that otherwise we would not have. This particular link gives us access from AdWords to the lists of Remarketing Generated by our applications in our Google Play account. In this way we can take full advantage of the remarketing functions in AdWords.

 4. Google My Business (formerly Google Places)

Google My Business connects with many Google services, such as Google +, Maps, or the search engine itself. In the profile Of My Business of our business we introduce all our contact information to make it more accessible to the users On the Internet and that in this way they can locate you more quickly.

This product does not need to be linked to our AdWords account, but it is necessary to have a profile in My Business for this to happen automatically. When this happens, AdWords takes advantage of this information and gives us the possibility to show it in our ads in the form of extensions, making them more relevant to the user. For example, AdWords can use Google Maps information to show the address of your trade in an ad.

5. YouTube

A relatively short time ago, AdWords integrated the video campaigns with the rest of the campaigns, and since then it is no longer necessary to go to a remote site of our account to find them. Now that it’s still easier Create video Ads, Google offers us to link our YouTube account with that of AdWords (before it already did). By joining both we get access to the statistics of visualization of our videos. But, in addition to accessing statistical data, we have access to extra features in the videos. An example of this are the call-to-action overlays in our videos, the use of viewer remarketing lists and the impact of video ads on the behavior of users in the rest of the channel.

Productos de Google

Youtube Action Call Overlay Example

6. Google Merchant Center

Merchant Center offers us the possibility to execute Google Shopping Campaigns And it also allows us to perform dynamic remarketing campaigns in which users are impacted with advertisements on the product in which it has shown interest.

In this case the account link must be made from Merchant Center And not from AdWords.

7. Google Tag Manager

The last of the Google products of this post, but no less important, much less, is Tag Manager. GTM is a web-code tag manager. This is not directly linked to AdWords, but it makes it easy for the account managers to work enormously because it allows us to insert code fragments to track conversions, or codes to be able to remarket visitors to our website. This way we do not have to resort to the developers of our website every time we want to make a change at the code level.

Did you know all these products from Google? Do you think we have forgotten some other fundamental tool? In the next articles we will be telling you many more tricks, tips and interesting tools to get better results and benefits in the Adwords campaigns until next time!

Written by

Josue Simón

SEM · 23 / 11 / 2015

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