8 types of affiliates that will increase your online sales

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SEM · 25 / 08 / 2016

In previous entries we made a Intro to Affiliation Marketing And we talked about the different affiliation networks and the costs of opening a program. Today we will focus on affiliates, which are the main reason for affiliate marketing (in fact affiliate marketing is nothing more than the set of relationships of a brand with a number of supports).

What types of affiliates are there and what channels do they use?

I like to say that affiliation Marketing is not a digital marketing channel to use, but rather a commercial channel that contains all digital channels. This looks good in the types of affiliates that we will find in affiliate networks: some make display, other search, other emailing.

  • Vertical

These are portals or blogs that publish content on a particular subject and with a very high frequency. The advantage of this type of page is that they have very segmented audiences, so they are interesting for customers who sell a related product. An example of this is the web of Enfemenino, which will be especially attractive for brands selling products for women.

Web de Enfemenino

Enfemenino’s web

    • Offer aggregators

    They are pages that collect offers from a wide variety of brands and show them on their website. They have a very price sensitive audience so we will have a big advantage over our competitors if we appear on this kind of pages with a good deal. Some are so big that they even have exclusive offers that you will only find on these websites. Examples of this type of media are Letsbonus Or Groupon.

Web de Letsbonus

Letsbonus Web

    • Comparators

    These are webs that allow the user to compare the offers of several companies for a particular product or service . Many of them have a bestial traffic, so it is advisable to be present if we do not want to lose a good opportunity to generate business. Minube It is an example of a hotel-partner that we can find in the affiliation networks. Other supports (such as Kayak or tracker) are so strong that instead of working with CPA through affiliate networks, they sell their inventory directly to advertisers to models with less risk to them such as CPC or CPM.

Web de Minube

Minube Web

    • Discount Codes

    They are pages that offer users discount codes for a wide variety of brands. Your traffic is very price sensitive. They often use social networks and emailing to promote their most attractive codes. Each time a user purchases with a code from one of these pages, the support receives a commission. Cuponation It is one of the most successful coupon supports in Spain.

Web de Cuponation

Cuponation Web

    • Cashback

    They are an evolution of code affiliates. As the system attributes a conversion to a cashback site, it shares the Commission with the user. The differentiating element is that part of the money spent on a purchase returns to the user itself. An example of this type of affiliate is Beruby, which gives you a% of what you spend on your purchases. I discovered this type of sites in Ogilvy and since then I also use them as a user in many of my personal purchases online; I love it.

Web de Beruby

Beruby Web

    • Display Affiliates

    These are companies that have access to millions of advertising impressions and that commercialize their traffic to CPA models. The fact of launching so many impressions (in banner format) means that they have “signed” and segmented to a large number of users. They have powerful algorithms that store and study all this information to determine which user should be impacted with what content to get sales. The Reach Group It’s one of these display affiliates.

Web de The Reach Group

The Reach Group Web

    • Emailing affiliates

    These are companies that manage huge lists of email addresses. These affiliates perform very segmented shipments to theirdatabases. They are mainly used for generation of leads, so they usually work to a CPL model. Emailingnetwork or Impacting are affiliates of this type with whom I have worked.

    They are companies that carry OUT SEM campaigns for the advertisers of a network. Affiliates Buy keywords in search engines by delivering qualified traffic to advertisers. In these cases, it is advisable that the Advertiser has a clear policy of SEM that sets some rules and determines why keywords are left to bid and why not. Advertisers generally let affiliates bid on the brand; It would not be profitable for the advertiser because it would generate a lot of sales with a high commission cost.

    As we see, there are affiliates of all kinds. The borders between one And the other type of affiliate are becoming less clear, and each day new supports appear that cannot be framed at 100% in a given typology. Let’s take this as a guide, although there are hundreds of business models that are on the way between several of the typologies that we have commented today.

    Of course, you choose which types of affiliates you want to work with and which ones you don’t. There is no right decision in this regard, but it will depend on the strategy and objectives of your company. In affiliate marketing, establishing relationships with affiliates is the key to success. It is a task that requires a lot of dedication, but that gives its fruits if it is done correctly do we help you to get it?


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