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Marc Salvador

SEM · 18 / 07 / 2019

Google Shopping as a pillar of your marketing strategy

The great growth of Google shopping in recent years has made most companies put the focus of their marketing strategies in this type of campaigns. According to Stat Counter as a result, 92% of searches made in 2018 on the global market are carried out through Google, almost 97% if we speak at national level. So, by their own merits, we can say that Google is the king of search engines without a doubt.

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It will not be strange to you, therefore, that the Google Ads is the preferred method for advertisers to advertise their products. Investment in this type of campaign has increased by 18% during the last quarter of 2018, with a consequent rise in Clics by 8% and CPCs by 9%.

Part of this growth is largely due to the bet on Google shopping by advertisers. This is a bet that represents a 33% increase in investment in this type of campaign. In contrast, we analysed a loss of interest in text campaigns, which recorded a small increase of 3%.

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According to the CNMC, electronic commerce in Spain exceeded 9,300 million euros in the second quarter of 2018, obtaining a growth of 27.2% over the previous year. Thanks to the evolution of electronic commerce and campaigns such as google shopping, the retailers or SMEs can occupy the top search results with their products. A unique opportunity to make yourself known to the world and compete with the big companies in the sector.

Google Shopping Ads accounted for 87% of generic searches.

In short, investment in digital marketing continues to grow, online shopping continues to grow and ecommerce places Google shopping as an indispensable platform within its ecosystem. That is why, Google shopping Ads, during the past 2018 got tied up to 87% of the generic searches for retailers in the US.

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How do we approach Google Shopping strategies?

As Digital Menta, at Google Shopping we find the opportunity to offer our customers a sales channel with the possibility of growing according to their needs or possibilities, as it offers a high return regardless of their investment.

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In other words, Google shopping is the starting point for many of our customers and quickly becomes one of their main pillars when developing their online marketing strategy in their ecommerce.

The first point that we address as SEM Agency and specialist in performance marketing, is to advise our customers on the proper configuration of the data feed to be uploaded to Google Merchant. The feed will directly nourish our Google shopping campaigns and will favour the possibilities of optimisation and structuring of these from which our campaigns will be nourished. For more information about this you can consult the post of how to boost shopping campaigns where I give you some basic tips to perform this task.

Once the feed has been configured in the best possible way, we propose the structure of campaigns that, due to our experience and according to the client’s needs, we consider more appropriate. There are many ways to make a good campaign structure, for example:

google shopping

Normally we will combine several of them, to achieve a strategy that will lead us to success.

Micro-segmentation as a Google Shopping strategy for excellence

And now you’ll think…”Well, yes, typical, but… What do you contribute as an agency to Google shopping campaigns to get a high return?

Well, at the beginning the concept is quite simple and from my personal experience I would call it; micro-segmentation. Or what is the same, we provide product level control, regardless of the possible amount of products that ecommerce may have.

We perform optimisation tasks to get the maximum profitability from each product, taking into account the various factors that influence the good performance of Google shopping campaigns, Cpc’s, keyword negativization, devices, locations, scheduling, market share, average position, competition, and so on.

Some results of our Google Shopping strategies

Next, I’ll show you how you can improve your ecommerce with these advanced shopping strategies.

For example this Case A of our clients with great investment in shopping, which follows an MCC structure with different accounts for different countries and combining campaigns according to profitability and category, the results are as the following:

google shopping

The luck of having a client who knows the online sales platforms, has allowed us to work with ease when testing different strategies, until achieving the one that has really given us success. At first we tested up to 3 different structures with which we achieved some results but which did not lead us to make the qualitative leap required in terms of profitability.

Finally, and as the graphs show, we started to hit the key and we managed to calibrate the investment by countries that would allow us to get the maximum return. The most relevant data for listing the strategy as a success is the increase in conversions along with the rate and conversion value of the conversions.

On the other hand, the example of this Case B of our clients with a rising investment throughout 2018 due to the good performance of Google Shopping campaigns, which has a single account that operates in a single country and combines campaigns profitability and brand, the results are as follows:

google shopping

In this case the client did not get off to a good start during the year, due to a bad web configuration that made it difficult for us to analyse and optimize the account. But side by side, we managed to reverse the situation to such an extent that we ended the year doubling the investment.

The good performance of campaigns that started with an ROAS of less than 1, currently approaching 4, and the great results in terms of the level of the conversion rate, which is already close to 1.4%, have made the strategy a complete success.

What can we expect from Google Shopping in 2019?

Shopping campaigns will continue to evolve during 2019 and we can already see how Google is testing new ad formats. There are also many other formats circulating on the networks, which seem to be in a state or beta phase, such as the inclusion of videos, formats of carrousel or even the appearance of ads in images:

google shopping

And is that, for this year, everything points to Google shopping will continue to improve, will continue to grow and will continue to be the type of campaigns in which to focus efforts, as it is the great opportunity that all the retailers can’t let themselves escape online.

So if you are thinking about starting your Google shopping strategy, and you believe that an agency is the best option to get a real return on your investment in performance. Don’t think about it anymore and contact with Menter Team.


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