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SEM · 27 / 02 / 2020

Are you thinking of advertising on YouTube? We explain why this is a good decision. YouTube is a social network with a great reach, these are some facts that will show you how it stands today and will make you think why you should advertise on YouTube:

  • More than one billion users.
  • More than 400 hours of video uploaded every second
  • More than 1900 million people who see a total of 1000 million hours a day
  • Of these 1 billion hours of daily playback, 70% of the time comes from mobile devices.
  • It is present in 91 countries and 80 languages.
  • Users 18 to 34 years.

A very relevant fact is that 85% of people who turn to Google to get ideas on what products to buy are also on YouTube. What’s more, more than 55% of people looking for a product on Google, go to YouTube to learn more about the product before buying it.

Publicidad en Youtube

Have we convinced you with this data? If so, now we explain the steps you will have to follow if you want to create a YouTube campaign.

Steps to create YouTube advertising campaign

STEP 1: Upload your video ad to YouTube

The first and most essential thing is to keep in mind that YouTube advertising focuses on a different content format, which is video. If your audience gets involved with such content better than another, then advertising on YouTube is one of the best platforms to have advertising revenue.
So you must have the necessary resources to create a good video. For this each month, YouTube publishes a summary with the best YouTube ads from around the world.

The first six seconds in a YouTube ad are the most important, since after that it can be skippable. Therefore, the information that must be given in these seconds is vital for the user to be interested and continue watching the video. The ideal video should contain the following:

Lo que debe incluir un vídeo de Youtube

STEP 2: Create a new campaign in Google Ads

First of all you must have a Google Ads account. When you already have this you will have to create a new campaign, for this you will first have to select a goal and according to the one that is chosen you will have different type of campaigns available. We have the video type available for all objectives, except in application promotion.

Tipos de campañas de Google Ads

Within this type of campaign we have all these subtypes, although not all of them are available for all the objectives. This is very easy to observe on the platform.

Tipos de subcampañas de Google Ads

STEP 3: Set up your campaign

  • Choose the name of the campaign.
  • Determine your bid strategy.
  • Set the budget and the start and end dates of the campaign.
  • Decide the networks where you want your video ad to appear. We have three options:
  • YouTube Search Results
  • YouTube Videos
  • Display Network Video Partners
  • Delimits language and location.
  • Decide who you want to reach, for this you can define the audience, demographic data or both segmentation criteria.

YouTube has millions of viewers to find potential customers on a large scale. This network is the only one that has all the audiences available, an advantage over other networks that you should consider. In addition, you can reach audiences with a clear intention to buy, rather than all other viewers.

Audiencias de Youtube

With YouTube audiences we can reach people based on interests and habits, consideration and actions. Starting with the highest part of the funnel and reaching what is most relevant to you.

  • Make the decision of where you want your ads to appear. You can restrict coverage with keywords, topics or placements.
  • Select your bid.

STEP 4: Create your video ad

Actualmente tenemos cinco formatos de anuncio de video disponibles para atraer clientes de diferentes maneras en YouTube. Los formatos de anuncio de video disponibles incluyen los anuncios in-stream que se pueden omitir, los anuncios in-stream que no se pueden omitir, los anuncios video discovery, los anuncios outstream y los bumpers publicitarios.

Types of video ad format available for advertising on YouTube

In-stream ads that can be omitted

This is an ad that plays during other videos, before or after them. After 5 seconds, the user will have the option to skip it.
The campaign objectives that support in-stream ads are:

  • Potential customers
  • Website traffic
  • Brand awareness and scope
  • Product and brand consideration (all)
  • Campaign created without a goal
In-stream ads that cannot be omitted

They main difference from the previous one is that the user does not have the option to skip the ad. These in-stream ads that cannot be skipped last for a maximum of 15 seconds and are played before or after a video, or during the view.
The campaign objective that these ads support are:

  • Awareness and reach of the brand
Discovery ads

The ad consists of a thumbnail image of your video that is displayed along with a text. The theme and appearance vary depending on where it appears. When the user clicks on it, it plays on the YouTube playback page.
The campaign objectives allow this type of advertisement are:

  • Product and brand consideration
  • Campaign created without an objective
Advertising bumpers

Your advertising video ad bumper lasts 6 seconds or less and plays during another video, or before or after it. The user can skip the ad.
The campaign objectives used by the advertising bumpers are the following:

  • Knowledge and scope of the brand
  • Campaign created without an objective
Outstream ads

This ad format begins to play without sound. Users must press them to activate the sound. Advertisers are only charged if more than half of the ad’s screen space is shown for two seconds or more. The format is designed to increase the reach of your video for a convenient cost.
The campaign objectives use the outstream ads:

  • Knowledge and scope of the brand
  • Campaign created without an objective

Formatos de publicidad en YouTube

In this image we can see all the formats of YouTube advertising that are explained above in a more visual way. What appears in red is the way in which we can observe the announcement on the platform.

New campaings for advertising on YouTube: TrueView for Action

Finally, I am going to tell you about the latest news that YouTube brings us, TrueView for Action campaigns are the new advertising format based on performance and effectiveness. Where the accuracy of the search merges with the effectiveness of the video.

Campañas True View

A campaign that can be created with the goals of potential customers or website traffic. What makes it different is that now we add a title to the video that can contain up to 15 characters and a CTA that can have up to 10 characters and that appears next to the title. This CTA redirects people to the website, increases the participation of viewers and motivates users to perform actions after the reproduction of their video. TrueView for Action campaigns can only be published in the in-stream ad format, the format we explained above. If you use this video campaign subtype, you can encourage customers to explore your product or service, share their contact information and take other valuable actions for your company.

But YouTube is not alone here, we can exploit it even more by creating remarketing audiences from YouTube users. Of those who have seen a video of a channel, have seen certain videos, have seen any video (such as an advertisement) of a channel, have seen videos as ads, have subscribed to a channel, have visited a channel, have liked a video from a channel, added a video from a channel to a playlist, commented on a video from a channel or shared the video from a channel. These audiences can be included in search campaigns, like any other. Re-engage those who did not convert through these remarketing audience. And complete this process with search to capture post view and post impression conversions. All of them are very valuable data that you have to take advantage of.

In conclusion, YouTube opens the doors to a world beyond entertainment. Advertising on YouTube more specifically pierces a world in which advertisers and visitors can connect by forging good business relationships in a more relaxed environment, and in which companies can make a big profit. In short, YouTube will help you connect more easily with your target audience.
Outside the SEM, if you want to position your YouTube video with SEO you can read more information in this post.

Finally, will you try to create an advertising campaign on YouTube within your PPC strategy? Tell us about your experiences in our comments. We would love to hear from you!




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