2016 AdWords Agency Ranking

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SEM · 29 / 02 / 2016

In Digital Menta , within our small research department, we have developed an unofficial ranking to learn about leading online marketing agencies in Spain (in number of Google Partners certifications) that can help you manage your campaigns Advertising. Google Partners certifications validate the capabilities of professionals to be able to manage Google Advertising campaigns in the different areas of Google Advertising.

The number of certifications that we show in the AdWords Agency Ranking only gives us an idea of the proactivity of the agencies in terms of training, and it is necessary to take into account other aspects such as the size of the team or the specialization when analyzing the numbers. Also, depending on the nature of the agency, your certification score may vary, which does not mean that they are worse or better than the others, all of them are part of this SEM world, to which we are proud to belong.

AdWords Agency Ranking by number of Google Partners certifications in Spain

For the elaboration of this ranking we have taken into account only those that had at least 3 of the 6 different types of certifications offered by the Google Partners program:

  • Advertising in searches
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising (Youtube)
  • Advertising Shopping
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Google Analytics

From this initial filtering, we have ordered companies by number of certified users. All the results have been reviewed, since in the ranking for companies in Spain we have met companies that do not have the Spanish language on their website, which we find somewhat suspicious…

Throughout 2016 we were tracking the evolution of each agency in terms of their number of Google Partners certifications month by month, but to summarize the process, we show you below the information related to these concepts as well as the final ranking.

What is Google Partners?

It is the program created by Google to identify those companies that know their products, work with them and follow the best practices. These companies have been awarded the Google Partners logo, so that customers can easily identify them and know that they are in the hands of professionals sure you recognize it!

Googel Partners WEbsite

Screenshot of Google Partners site

How to be part of the Google Partners program?

It’s very simple, you just have to go to Google.es/Partners and join the program. Sign up with a Gmail account that has access to your AdWords MCC. You will have to fill out a company profile so that Google knows who you are and can offer your services.

❗ Must meet a minimum investment requirement (10,000 USD in the last 90 days) and seniority in the account (90 days)

From here begins the game:

  • Certificate and encourage all your teammates to do it. The certifications will appear in Google Partners when a user is looking for an agency. Hence this ranking.
  • Apply the best practices. Google will offer you tips that you can run on your accounts to improve your status.

How to find a Google Partner?

Google Partners is the program created by Google to identify those companies that know their products, work with them and follow the best practices. These companies have been awarded with the Google Partners logo, so that customers can easily identify them and know that they are in the hands of professionals but… where can we find them?:

STEP 1: It is quite easy, we have to go to the website of Google Partners, where we find the option “Find a partner”.

When you click we will arrive to the main page for the search of partners.

Página de inicio de Google Partners

Google Partners Home Page

STEP 2: Now it is necessary to specify what kind of Google Partners we are looking for. Choose: with Online advertising. »What is your website about? and what is the agency’s preferred location?

STEP 3: We’re here! We find the list of all Google Partners agencies we need. To see the certifications of an agency we only have to enter your file.

Adwords agency ranking final ranking

Position Agency Accreditations
1 RocketROI 80
2 iProspect 69
3 Digital Menta 66
4 QUISMA GmbH 60
5 IDENTo Marketing and Web development 54
6 MAKE Digital Marketing 50
7 Neo-Ogilvy Europe 49
8 Digital ESV 48
10 T2O Media 47
11 Dayvo Sistemas, S. L 31
12 ROI UP Agency 30
13 Reprise Media IS 29
14 Euro Multilingual Search Marketing 25
15 Geotelecom 25
17 BCS Business Consultants 25
18 Relevant Traffic 24
19 Effective world 23
20 Hello Media Group – Europe 22
21 OptimizaClick 22
22 AccuraCast 22
23 Contversion 20
24 Asycom Global Service S. L 19
25 Mediate 18
26 RERP 18
27 Bookassist 18
28 Telecoming, S. A 17
29 Roiting Marketing Online 17
30 Mediacom 17
31 BlueCaribu 17
32 MindShare Spain 17
33 Praises 16
34 Convertix 16
35 Passionate about Marketing 16
36 GO2JUMP.com 16
37 Wanatop, online marketing agency 15
38 LIN3S 15
39 Web Manager Service SL 15
40 Enter the network S.L. 15
41 BUYMEDIA Soluciones (BETMEDIA) 14
42 Semmantica 14
43 Clever Ecommerce 14
44 Resolution Media Europe 13
45 MarketiNet Digital Marketing Agency 13
46 Human Level Communications 13
47 The Cocktail 13
48 Poliedric 13
49 Modix 11

Finally, we managed to finish in the TOP 3 of our ranking of agencies in Spain according to number of certifications, which is a great achievement for which we are very proud of the efforts of our workers.

Bonus TIP: Google Partners Game On

GAME on is a program/game that develops The Google AdWords Marketing team based on the gamification to motivate Google’s partner agencies to move budgets to Google’s advertising platforms for new Advertisers (here the restrictions and motivations of what is a new client are quite bizarre from our point of view, but hey, at the end of the day new customers).

According to Google calculates the expense from the new accounts of Google AdWords created and linked to the MCC of the agency. This calculation is done automatically, so you do not have to do any calculations; Just have all the accounts that are managed linked to the MCC of the agency. The expense of the agency compared to other similar in Spain will determine the position in the classification. Depending on the category in which the Game On challenge is competed, you can access different prizes, each one of a different amount.

The GAME On Challenge consists of quarterly challenges that make each quarter different agencies able to access new prizes. For this quarter (Q3 2016) The prizes for the different categories would be as follows:

  1. GRAND Prix: Exceeds 35,000 € OF YOUR NEW CUSTOMERS EXPENSE: Two tickets to visit the Google Asia Pacific offices in Singapore (one winning agency per quarter) (1st Prize
  2. Level 4: Exceeds 15,000 € OF YOUR NEW CUSTOMERS EXPENSE: Afterwork session in your offices (Awards). Get a afterwork session for you and your team in your offices, with live music and a catering.
  3. Level 3: Exceeds 5,000 € OF YOUR NEW CUSTOMERS EXPENSE: Business Coaching session for your agency (Awards). Get a half-day business coaching session at your agency.
  4. Level 2: Exceeds 3,000 € OF YOUR NEW CUSTOMERS EXPENSE: Winter Kit (Awards). Get a Google Partners Winter kit for the agency.
  5. Level 1: Exceeds 1,000 € OF YOUR NEW CUSTOMERS EXPENSE: Google Merchandising and Google Play card for €50 value (Awards). Get a Google Play card worth €50 and a Google merchandising kit for your agency.

Our experience with Google Partners Game On

We last quarter climbed to the top and got one of the ‘ fat ‘ prizes consisting of a video conferencing system for the office. And the truth made us all very excited! We did an unboxing, and although we have no videos if we have some pictures that show the joy that gave us.

Unboxing de Premio de Desafío Game On Warm UP.


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