AdWords Success story -40% in Cost of Acquiring Education Prospects

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SEM · 08 / 04 / 2015

Whenever a customer trusts Digital Menta for us to help you, it means a new challenge for you.

We have been successful with virtually all of our customers and therefore continue to rely on us, but a new customer always asks us to put our knowledge and our attention to the highest level.

This is the success story of an online education client for the Caribbean and the United States with whom we have been working since the founding of Digital Menta.

The Challenge of our client

Our Higher Education Online Postgraduate client in the Caribbean and in the United States had a cost per high prospect. His Previous agency, a specialist in the higher education sector, failed to generate the results he needed: to reduce his acquisition costs In Google AdWords at a much lower level than he had at the time to be profitable in this environment.


  1. Reduce the cost per prospect from Google AdWords at least 20% to be profitable.
  2. Increase the number of records of prospective students.

Initial Metrics

Metric Q4 ’13 Goal
Prospect Cost 84 USD 67 USD

Strategic and Action Plan

  1. Complete restructuring of the Account For Puerto Rico And The United States.
  2. Definition of new communication in search ads and Google content network.
  3. Design of new landing pages that improve the conversion of all devices.

Action 1 – Complete AdWords account restructuring

Our experience in companies like Google and results-oriented marketing agencies has taught us that, to maximize the profitability of advertising investment, you have to create a super-segmented structure. When I was working on Google, my clients told them that, in a utopian way, for every possible search there should be a specific ad created. Obviously this is unmanageable at the operational level and very complex, but this does not limit us to approach this utopia.

To do the restructuring was done a work of two weeks-a week by region, generating a structure that showed the most relevant ads according to searches and that was a very significant decrease in the cost per prospect.

In this Post of PPC Hero More information about how to structure An AdWords campaigncan be found.

Action 2 – Definition of new communication

To improve the relevance of advertising in the search for postgraduate courses offered we had to generate thousands of new ads. We balance the copies of the ads between the alignment with the message to offer, and the technical conditions of the Google algorithm to be as relevant as possible.

Ads look for the following objectives:

  1. Clear Communication.
  2. Create an action call aligned to the psychology of the target segment, in this case future students with time and mobility constraints.
  3. Maximized Relevance to improve the profitability of the investment and that the Google search algorithm offers us the best possible quality and, therefore, reduce the cost by average click or position us higher.

Action 3 – Creating Landing Pages

The customer had a unique generalist Landing page who was not adapted to mobile devices. We create multiple landing pages differentiated by schools and languages that provide clearer and more specific information for prospective students.

Original Landing Page

Antigua Landing Page Caso de Éxito Digital Menta

Old Landing Page success story Digital Menta

This Unique Landing Page was highly inefficient as it did not adequately communicate the benefits of the courses offered by our client. It Was a digital asset that also did not allow the Google search algorithm to offer our quality campaigns, so the CPCs of the campaign were higher than they were supposed to be.

New Landing Page (an example of)

We made a major change, both at the level of information structure of the different courses and at the design level, which had a very high impact immediately.

logo imf formacion

Nueva Landing page – Adwords education Success Story 

AdWords Success Story Final Results

The final results (at the time of writing of this post) are highly satisfactory and show that the work well done generates an increase in business results through the investments In Google Adwords. However, the work we did to improve the efficiency of the investments in Google Adwords would not be enough if new digital assets were not created that would seek to improve the communication of the services offered.

Current Metrics

Metric Q1 ‘14 Goal
Prospect Cost 47 USD 67 USD

The final metrics shown here are an instant snapshot in time, but it does not mean that the work is finished, since the continuous optimization of the investments in AdWords, the search for other efficient means of investment, as well as the continuous search of improvement of digital assets, it’s not over.


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