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SEM · 15 / 04 / 2019

At the end of 2017 we were posed a very interesting challenge in Digital Menta : A potential customer contacted us to help to design and implement a International Digital strategy of success. Your target? Among Others, one of the main, was Generate Quality B2B Leads Which, with the help of a good Inbound strategy and the support of its sales network, will eventually become real customers that generate projects that would be a major turnover for the company.

Initial Situation

Before explaining what was the strategy of PPC raised, platforms worked and results that we obtained throughout all 2018, it is important to comment on which point of departure they were. It was a leading company in its sector, with an international presence in more than 25 countries and with a very solid and established brand division.

Up to that point, most of their marketing investment was destined for offline actions, such as participation in international fairs, the publication of marketing materials, magazines, etc. or the advertising appearance in offline media more Traditional. An important part of their products were destined to both B2C and B2B segments, while others were exclusively for the professional sector.

B2B International Digital Strategy

With This objective on the table and 2.5 million of € of budget, we got to work to define the international strategy in which plantearíamos all the actions, platforms and networks necessary to reach the objective, as well as the distribution of the Budgets for each network and country.

Because it was an international project, it was important that it was scalable, but at the same time could be articulated in a more localized way according to the peculiarities of each market. How do we help them get it?

1. Defining the different objective B2B profiles and their hierarchy

This point is common to the development of any strategy, regardless of the type of business or public: you have to know who our target is and have a real definition of Buyer person. At this point, we defined both the professional areas and sectors that interested us, and their level of seniority, as it was essential to address those positions with power of decision within the company.

2. Studying and selecting the ideal platforms

To achieve our goal of B2B leads Generation. At this point was very important the integration of the platforms with the internal CRM of the client, from which, once captured the prospect/lead, would activate the process of nurturing that would advance the relationship and mature that prospect to become a Real client.

3. Developing the different Performance strategies,

Important part of the DNA of Digital Menta , which defines us as an agency, adapting to the peculiarities of each one of the markets.

4. Creating A map of conversions and micro-conversions

That would allow us to register and attribute the different actions of value that a B2B User Could perform through the web. This point is fundamental in a Performance strategy, because it will allow us to optimize each one of the campaigns (bids, audiences, creatives, advertisements…) According to the results.

5. Advising on the definition of content

that were of high value and usefulness to our target and that communicate the company’s leading image. These contents played a fundamental role as it was the pretext to draw the attention of our target audience, so we needed a relevant content that would bring value to the B2B Profiles Objective.

6. Designing updated reports in real time with Data Studio,

What allowed us to have a global vision of the performance of the PPC strategy, to analyze at all times the state of the campaigns and to propose optimizations and new actions.

Platforms in our strategy:

One of the points to be defined within the International PPC Strategy It is the study and selection of the platforms that we are going to use to achieve our goal; In this case: Get quality B2B leads that become customers and generate real projects.

  • Linkedin:

The B2B leader Platform Could not miss in the mix of channels raised in the strategy. The possibilities of segmentation offered by this platform make it possible to direct us to our B2B profile Objective, both at the sector and position level, and at seniority level. This point was key because it allowed us to reach the positions able to make decisions within a project.

In recent months, LinkedIn has introduced new ad formats that are very interesting, such as the video format, the dynamic ad format, or the advertisement that allows you to include a lead capture form. These formats, together with a strategy of content of value and utility for our professional target is the perfect combination to ensure success in our campaigns of linkedin ads.

  • Facebook/Instagram:

Although this platform is not the first one that comes to mind when we think of promoting products to a B2B Audience, Facebook offers us a huge range of possibilities for segmentation and a wide range. In addition Digital Menta you have access to exclusive B2B audiences that have enabled us from the platform to work on our campaigns.

As commented, the platform allows us to carry out B2B campaigns with different objectives, such as “Traffic” to our web or landing, “conversions” (it is important to have the map of conversions well raised and the tracking well implemented) or even “Generation of potential clients“, a kind of campaign that goes like a ring to the finger for our goal.

B2B International Digital Strategy

Thanks to the approach we designed, both content level and segmentation and design of the lead collection form, the results were outstanding: We got some really good CPLs results and a volume of contacts that exceeded our initial expectations.

  • Display:

One way to control and apply a performance approach to Display campaigns is through the management of the sites in which our creatives appear. In this way, we can control in what context our banners are going to appear, which gives us a total power over what audience we are going to impact with our brand.

In this particular case, we add the Display network in a tactical way within our mix of channels, placing our banners on websites and key blogs in the sector, one of the main sources of consultation of the professional profiles we seek to capture. This work is done individually for each of the markets, in order to apply a local strategy within our B2B International Digital Strategy General.

In addition to this more tactical approach, the display network offers many possibilities of segmentation for B2B audiences. We can go to new audiences that do not know us, but also to remarketing hearings through the uploading of email databases to the platform, or by directing users who have visited our website previously.

  • Video:

On YouTube, through the management of PPC Campaigns with Google Ads, it is possible to launch campaigns aimed at both audiences of Remarketing Who already know us, like new audiences who have not had the opportunity to discover our brand and products. Although at first it is logical to think that YouTube is focused on brand discovery, it is now possible to perform performance-centric campaigns. How?

  • Through the format TrueView for Action (also known as Trueview for Performance), which allows us to generate sales opportunities and conversions by adding an CTA (call to action) and superimposed text in our ads. Through this video campaign format, we can invite users to explore our product, share with them our contact details and direct them to a landing where they can carry out valuable actions for our business.
  • Making a very specific segmentation to address Our B2B target.

B2B International Digital Strategy

In this particular case, we use YouTube to reinforce the launch of a product range specifically toB2B sector. To do this, we did a segmentation based on very specific interests of the professional sector to which we were headed, as well as key words technical and remarketing hearings of B2B Profiles To those who, although they already knew us, we wanted to inform them of the launching of the new product.

  • Search

In order to have total control over our SEM account and be able to optimize it in detail, it is important to have a granular campaign structure. In Digital Menta we work with this type of structure, which allows us to optimize the accounts of our clients in a more thorough way.

Starting from this premise and after a study that included interviews with industry professionals, brainstorming and keyword analysis, we detected a list of terms used almost exclusively by B2B audiences.

With this work done, we create campaigns aimed at these keywords, always in a granular way, getting the maximum relevance between keyword and ad. Secondly, we direct the traffic captured through these keywords to target pages optimized for a professional profile, with information very relevant to them (technical information about the product, quality control, logistics, etc.). In these landings, we add the conversion points optimized and specific to the B2B profile.

Results of the International B2B Digital strategy:

The work carried out during all 2018 allowed us to achieve the objectives marked and really positive results:


  • We get the lowest CPL seen on the platform, not only in the vertical of our client, but in a general way. We received congratulations from LinkedIn! ????
  • Our% clicks were above LinkedIn’s benchmarks at 206%.
  • Participation rates were also over 249%.


In our lead generation campaign raised over a period of 6 weeks in the 4 main markets, we achieved:

  • More than 2,000 prospects.
  • An average CPL of €3.11.


Through the Search, Display and remarketing campaigns focused on B2B audiences We got more than 4,000 prospects, which were added to the various workflows of the nurturing chain, with the aim of bringing those prospects to the brand and its products, until finally converting them into customers.


As we have already commented on the Blog of Digital Menta , The key to a strategy of PPC is successful is to analyze what is our starting situation, to define in the most exhaustive way possible who is our buyer person, mark our goals SMART and select the tools/platforms that we are going to Help address our target and achieve our goals.

But does it all end once we launch our campaigns? Not much less. It Is vitally important to learn along the way and constantly optimize our campaigns, both at the platform level, as well as audiences, creativity, content and bids.

If you want to take your B2B International Digital Strategy To the next level, don’t hesitate to put yourself in Contact With us!



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