Back to Basics IV: The advantages of using online advertising

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Laura Gimenez

SEM · 22 / 08 / 2017

There are many reasons to use Google AdWords to develop your online advertising strategies. Learn once and for all the advantages of using online advertising.

The Google AdWords tool allows us to create different types of ads according to your goal.

Not only can we advertise online through AdWords, we can also use Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads Or LinkedIn Ads, the problem is that ads on these platforms are only displayed on the timeline or on the wall.

However, the AdWords Online Advertising It appears in the most powerful and used search engine worldwide: Google, and on all the websites that are associated with your search network.

This implies that we have a greater chance of getting impressions and clicks per user, a fundamental strategy to increase your sales and capture new customers for our business.

Next, we will list a number of advantages or reasons why it is really interesting to bet on online advertising, also KNOWN as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) of Google AdWords.

Main reasons to use Google Adwords in online advertising

1. AdWords converts more than Twitter and Facebook

Without a doubt, social networks are a very important channel to connect with users, but these show their rejection of advertising.

In Google AdWords, not all products and/or services make the same, but it guarantees that we will reach a large number of users (thanks to their wide coverage) who are willing to receive information in their searches. This translates, for sure, into a greater number of conversions for your business.


2. Complements SEO positioning

One thing that is clear is that being in the top positions through the SEO Marketing (Search Engine optimisation) is ideal, as the cost is zero and we get a lot of notoriety for our brand.

SEO involves working on social networks, content Marketing and technical aspects at the Web level, so you have to have expert professionals in these tasks.

Their results are long-term and their investment is constant, so they complement the SEO strategy With online advertising (SEM) helps us to achieve short-term results for positioning.

If you want to know more about SEO you can see our article: SEO Guide On Page: Key Factors for a website ranking optimization.


3. Budgetary Control

At all times we know what we are spending on our ads. We have a total control over the budget we devote to online advertising and also decide what we want to invest, without maximum or minimum.

Get more information here.

4. Security in payment

This system of Google guarantees us a total security when making the economic transfers and at all times we have access to our movements of expenses, revenues and available balance.

5. Immediate results

One of the main advantages of SEM advertising Through AdWords is that its results arrive in the short term. It’s easy to get out in the first positions of Google’s first page when you start our campaigns.

In addition, we can use this tool for advertising and promotion of new products through the Campaigns of remarketing.

As we get results, adding more investment ensures greater success.

6. There are No borders

There are no borders with Google AdWords . We can reach any part of the world in the event that our company is international. There are many configurations in terms of locations, languages, etc.

7. High segmentation Power

One of the outstanding features or advantages of AdWords is its segmentation power , putting at our disposal a very high number of options to choose from, adjusting for our company the most adaptable.

From language, geographic orientation, ad extensions, frequency, age, to map extensions or ads on different devices, such as tablets or mobiles.

The secret Of AdWords is in the configuration and in the optimization of the campaigns.

Learn more about the segmentation here

8. Measurement of immediate results

As a normal general, you only need a couple of days to start receiving campaign reports and be able to check the results of our ads and the choice of keywords.

We have access to different panels where we can configure many different reports depending on the indicators that interest us.

Advantages D using Online advertising

9. Free Documentation

One of the star advantages Of AdWords is the amount of information available to us so that we are able to exploit and optimize the tool as much as possible.

In addition, you also have video information available so you can better assimilate all available content.

10. Diversity of channels

Google AdWords provides great coverage and gives us the ability to use three channels to develop our online advertising. These channels are: the display network, the search network and the other for videos on The YouTube platform.

11. Branding

Thanks to the Campaigns of remarketing, we advertise “free” for our company, as we impact customers while they surf the net.

As a conclusion, there are different ways to make online advertising, but the most effective for our strategy is to carry it Out Through Google AdWords.


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