Back to Basics (I) – Online Advertising: Advantages and types

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Laura Gimenez

SEM · 04 / 07 / 2017

Just as in the traditional market, companies have counted, for many years already, with multiple ways to promote their products and to do, thereby, to increase their sales; In digital, it has emerged what is called onlineadvertising, a way through which consumers can know new products that come to market and also allows traders to make them known. Therefore, online advertising has advantages for both a figure (seller) and the other (buyer).

Today, with a constantly evolving digital market and in which more and more companies participate, online advertising has taken on a role that was not expected by almost anyone. And is that this presents many advantages for onlinebusiness.

What are the advantages of online advertising?

  • You can make your products and services known. In the digital market, as long as you do not reach your target or target audience, it doesn’t matter to have unique & exclusive products.
  • You have a new way to grow, well, if you have a physical store and advertise on the Internet, not only can you get more people to get to you, but you could expand your audience. So much so that you could even duplicate your business and have your physical trade and small onlineestablishment.
  • You can make your mark known. Sometimes you get confused about showing your products and your brand. It may be that many people know your products, but you may also not know you. Or know your brand, but do not know that you have launched new products. However, when you do digital advertising, you can get both; Although not necessarily one implies the other.
  • You can Expand your business. One of the great advantages of the digital market is that it allows you to reach any point on the planet. It’ll be enough for you to have a good logistic supplier and a lot of desire to grow. That’s right, you’ll need online marketing.
  • It allows you to position yourself on Google. Today, if you’re not among the top 10 search engine positions like Google, practically nobody is going to get to you. With a campaign of SEO MARKETING, one of the ways to advertise on the Internet, you can be placed in a good position of Google.
  • You can increase your web traffic. Being well positioned and able to reconcile the good positioning with other forms of promotion, visits to your website can increase.
  • You can Increase your conversion. And, having all of the above, you can increase your conversion!, that is, your sales.

Types of Internet Advertising

As we said at the beginning, there are many ways to advertise. Among them, some of the most effective and common are:

  • Content Marketing or Content Marketing, which is the content-centric digital advertising strategy. For Google, at the moment, the content remains the king of all strategies. Therefore, all businesses should have a Content Marketing strategy.
  • Marketing in social networks. Social networks have become one of the means par excellence of brands to make themselves known. It is, therefore, that strategy through which entrepreneurs bring their products to their customers, using social networks. Of all the networks that exist, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus are the most famous.

Within the Marketing Of Social networks, we can talk about a type of natural advertising, which would be the one that takes place within the company’s own Facebook page; and advertisements on networks such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

  • Google AdWords or search engine marketing is what We commonly know as SEM (search Engine marketing), that is, the Google Ads. It Is very effective, because, unlike SEO Marketing, which takes a while, because it is natural strategies, this form of online advertising can improve your ranking on Google in a matter of hours. That’s right, there you have to pay per click.
  • Email Marketing Strategy It is, perhaps, the way to advertise that you should not miss any digital company. It is to promote your products and services, as well as to launch promotions, discounts and even competitions through email. Therefore, it is a much closer way to reach your audience, because you can personalize your emails.
  • SEO positioning (Search Engine optimization) or natural. Is to make your website, blog or online store appear among the top 10 positions of search engines. To do this, you need to develop a diverse and complete strategy of quality links.


In conclusion, online advertising is a great advantage for all online businesses since they can grow with it.

And you, do you dare to advertise online in your digital business? The best way to monetize your investment is to hire the services of an onlineadvertising agency. Contact us!


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