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SEM · 02 / 05 / 2017

Hello digital marketers. Whenever we face the creation of a new campaign In Google AdWords We stop to think about what our client’s goal is. Want to sell more and at a lower conversion cost? Do you want to generate brand recognition and traffic to the Web? Do you want to highlight your products using images and pricing? Looking for a competitive edge in your ads that makes you stand out about others? These and other questions will be what we will have to do before we plan the strategy to follow for our accounts.

However, it is not always a question of deciding. There are campaigns that Digital Menta We recommend Yes or Yes for your benefits in terms of performance and your ability to position our business in front of other competitors. We are referring specifically to two types of campaigns that every good advertiser should have in his sights: brand campaigns and competition campaigns.

What does each one serve? Should I use both or only the most suited to the concept of my own customers? Let’s not go so fast. Let’s start by defining what each campaign consists of and from there we will establish its use (or absence of) depending on the expected result.

Brand Campaigns

100% recommended. In this type of campaigns the goal is to get that every time someone looks for our brand we find easily and can access our products or services. The strategy to follow will be to bid for keywords that include our brand. Both solo (for example ‘ El Corte Ingles ‘ (together with all its variants: the English cut, Elcorteingles, English Elcorte, the Cort groin, etc.) as accompanied by our star products (for example: the English cutting appliances or the English cut Electronics).

The main concern of many advertisers and the main drawback attributed to this type of campaigns is that they are a direct competition against the SEO That we’ve been building and “steals” sales to that “free” advertising channel. However, from Digital Menta We consider that it is no nonsense to bid on our brand since:

  1. It will allow us to always appear and for all the searches in first position (before even the organic search results).
  2. It gives us the first position and protects us against the competition. If someone bids for our brand will appear in the payment results. But we will appear earlier because the level of quality that will give us Google is greater when matching the keyword with the destination URL.
  3. The cost per conversion of these campaigns is always very low and the percentage of conversions very high. Win to win.

Competition campaigns

Similar to brand campaigns, as we bid for keywords that coincide with a brand, but in this case is not ours, but the direct competition of our sector. This type of campaign serves to plant battle to our most staunch “enemies” in the fight for sale and allow us:

  1. Appear whenever our competitor does.
  2. Show the user our competitive Advantage if we have it.
  3. “Scratch” Some sales to a rival company.

Competition campaigns do not usually have a very good percentage of conversions, but allow us to occupy the market segment that pretended to monopolize another company and “Hinder” the solitary and easy way to our competition. It is a more risky but highly recommended strategy if we have a better product and stand out for a unique quality.

Therefore, brand campaigns will always recommend and for any type of customer as they allow us to increase our presence, sell cheap and protect our brand. Competition campaigns would be useful for large customers who are not afraid of competition or for small customers who have just come out on the market and have a different or higher quality product than the companies already established in the market.

And you? Have you used these two types of campaigns for your current customers or have we caught you right now with our advice permanently?

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