eShow Barcelona 2016. A good fair for Internet professionals

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SEM · 22 / 03 / 2016

Last week took place a new edition (and already are 8) of the multinational fair eShow 2016 In Barcelona. A fair where there are companies in the world of online marketing and where they share, through papers, round tables and contacts of all kinds, knowledge about the world of eCommerce, digital marketing, apps, etc.

The visitor profile of this fair would say that it is diverse, from professionals looking to do business and look for partners to develop their business with other business lines, visitors who seek to learn in the high-level talks of eShow, students And even some “despistadillo” that seeks to take a giant collection of merchandising to your home (although these were very little).

Among the most renowned exhibitors that we found were Google, Seur, Post, Banco Santander, MRW, etc. Among the speakers were renowned experts as Marketing Directors and CEOs of the main eCommerce companies in Spain, Europe and USA, as well as independent professionals of high reputation in the world of digital marketing.

For us it was a great experience as exhibitors and the Stand that we rode was seldom empty with many people passing by, asked what we did, and generating many interactions with options to develop new businesses. It was really exciting, with very little time to sit and have meetings with people beyond the opening hours to the public; undoubtedly a success in terms of “engagement” and development of business opportunities.

Digital Menta At the eShow Barcelona 2016

Digital Menta At the eShow Barcelona 2016

Good Things of the eShow Barcelona 2016 as Exhibitor

As exhibitors and being a newly created company, the eShow rewarded us with a very succulent discount that did not pensaramos us in the time to access a space as exhibitors at the fair.

Having a space of its own with a very impressive message made it not stop to pass people by the stand, being for a long time all the members of Digital Menta (We were 4) chatting with people and analyzing dozens of business collaborations. The kind of relationships we generated roughly were:

    • Possible Partners: of the people who went through the stand a large part were companies that wanted to develop contacts with us to collaborate in some way in different projects such as video agencies, creative agencies, advertising networks, technology partners, etc.
    • Prospects: The volume of business contacts we have generated is more than satisfactory and we can say that we have generated more than 20 qualified business opportunities to which we obviously have to follow up and try to close the more possible.

If we close a couple of opportunities, the profitability of the eShow will be very high and surely seek to be in upcoming editions. ????

Not so many good things of the eShow Barcelona 2016 as exhibitor

Really few things we have to say that have to improve for us from the point of view of Exhibitor.

Perhaps one of the most important would be the use of the application to arrange previous appointments. The search engine is unmanageable and it is difficult to close quality quotations through it. I hope that next editions will improve in terms of functionality, as it would make the impact for the exhibitors was much more interesting as we would go on a fixed shot and close many more meetings with visitors to the show.

The Interesting note of the eShow Barcelona 2016

We believe that all visitors had certain expectations about Google and its Stand. We don’t know why, but the Google booth was the least decorated of the fair and we were quite disappointed in the staging. A simple video monitor was the whole staging of the Internet giant.

Stand Google eShow 2016

Stand Google eShow 2016

Google usually when going to fairs takes care of all the details to defend the brand, and in this case was quite the opposite.

Finally wishing all the luck to the eShow team for future editions in Spain and LATAM and its CEO Agustín Torres (who I was fortunate enough to meet in Bogota during a breakfast at Google Colombia).


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