10 Reasons to hire an Online Advertising Agency

Much of the success of companies is based on a good strategy of online marketing and advertising combined, but not always, with a good product. But who should manage the ideas, strategies and execution of the online marketing actions? Should I be responsible for marketing? Or an external company?

In Digital Menta, we think that the ideal is a work between both of them to achieve a real success online. And as this is a question that many are made, today in our article we will count the reasons why to hire an online advertising agency. Let’s Start!

Do you really need to hire an Online Advertising Agency?

One of the first aspects would be to analyse the possibility of developing the whole strategy, analysis and implementation internally, without having any external assistance of any kind. Many agencies opt for this option because they believe it is a great advantage at the level of management and control. However, they are not aware of the many disadvantages it entails, such as lack of some skills, creativity, new ideas, a different perspective and fast execution capability.

Online success is based on a relationship client-agency joint work

Working with a good agency as a partner when developing your advertising and online marketing actions is the key point to your company’s success and growth. However, many people still think they can cope with their needs for themselves, but will they reach that expected growth at the end of the year? Will they get to be a reference in their sector?

Not all companies can afford to maintain a team of specialists in different areas of internal marketing. Usually only one or a few people manage different subjects without becoming specialists.

On the other hand, the advertising agencies, have a team that allows to take advantage of the experience and the online knowledge to be able to implement it in your company combined with the global objectives of the company.

Therefore, in deciding what the right formula is, we should not only analyse costs, but also how we can maximize the return on investment in the media (ROI) in an efficient manner and with a team of professionals. In addition, we are confident to mention that it is much more profitable to have a team of specialists from an advertising agency than to have to hire them individually internally.

Therefore, we wanted to briefly explain the benefits of hiring an online advertising agency and, how this can be a real positive change in your company, here are 10 reasons why to hire an Online Advertising Agency.

Contratar una Agencia de Publicidad Online

10 reasons to hire an online advertising agency

1. The best talent at your fingertips

Few companies can afford to have a team of marketing professionals specialised in different areas and with such high knowledge.

2. Creativity and new ideas to enhance your brand

In a company where day-to-day tasks gain a pulse from creative tasks, it is very difficult to come up with the new and creative ideas. Working with an agency is going help to achieve this and much more.

3. Scalability and speed

An agency allows you to get to scale your marketing team and gain speed when launching new campaigns or start developing certain areas of promotion where the lack of experience can be a handicap.

4. Consolidated Experience

This can be one of the most important reasons to hire an agency, because working with companies from different sectors, they have a wide knowledge and experience, which prevents them from making erroneous decisions.

5. Strategy 360 º

Another good reason to work with an agency, is the capacity they have to give a strategy 360 º and integrate all those areas of interest for each company.

6. Immediate Execution

With an agency, the execution of the campaigns and their launching, it will be a matter of days or even a few hours, because when having a great human team, it allows to execute quickly all the actions.

7. Monitoring 24/7.

By working with an agency, not only allows you to watch the development of your campaigns, but also allows you to reach tools, scripts and apps to monitor your campaigns and web 24 hours a day.

8. Testing, testing, testing

The ability of testing that an agency has, you can hardly have it internally and much less with such immediacy. So when it comes to making A/B Test or other actions, it is much better to have the support of an agency, perhaps they have already tried it before 🙂

9. Detailed analysis

The data we get from the campaigns, are simply data and to become an analysis, we must develop their content and express what they mean to take action. In the agencies, we have a large number of tools that allow us to do an in-depth analysis.

10. Continuous optimisation

And the most important part is to be able to continuously optimize all the actions, since it is very difficult that at the first we can have a campaign with the KPIs that we want and for that we need a team that can work daily to achieve them.

As you can see, the joint client-agency work is the key to success online, because not only is there a team of professionals working to develop a brand, but also allows maximizing THE ROI by merging the knowledge of in-depth business on the part of the customer with the specialised knowledge that an agency has.

Finally and before I say goodbye, I would like to share the methodology of work applied in Digital Menta which we will discuss in detail in a forthcoming article.

contratar una agencia de publicidad online

Work methodology of Digital Menta

I hope you liked the article about the reasons for hiring an online advertising agency. If you want, you can leave us your comments. We love to receive feedback!

Written by

Daniel Digital Menta

SEM · 26 / 10 / 2015

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