How to choose a good advertising agency

The relationship between an advertiser and his agency is unique. Unlike other vendors that support the operation of a company, agencies are seen as a strategic partner, where both parties work closely together to achieve goals. To ensure that this relationship remains healthy and strong, advertisers must implement a few scales to choose Appropriately your partner-agency.

The search for an advertising agency may seem like a task that requires analysis time, as we find a large number of agencies in the market, the largest tend to offer a service 360, others have specialized in different areas or Industries and there are also those that have been specialized according to a product or a market.

All this makes it necessary to have an analysis according to the needs, but we will recommend a list of criteria that should always be used in the choice of an agency for our company.

1. Talent and experience

In each agency we will find different profiles and experience, so we recommend to take into account team of people who would like to work with our company to have more chances of success. To analyze the talent and the experience, it will be advisable to ask the background of the people of the agency, the companies that have worked and the projects that have led both inside and outside the agency.

This will give us a deeper understanding of the capabilities of each person in the agency so we can analyze whether it fits our needs. It is also important if there is a chemistry and good feeling between the agency and the brand they are going to work with, as this will help in the creation and launching of campaigns.

2. Strategic thinking

A fundamental factor to take into account in the evaluation of an advertising agency is its strategic proposal and its ability to deliver the value proposition and finally differentiate your brand from the competition. The strategy must be well defined and detailed by the Agency to provide information to the selection process.

If an agency is able to bring new ideas or strategies on the table, this can be converted in the medium term into a differentiating factor of competition.

3. Creativity

An agency should be able to convey the strategic message through strong creative work. The most successful digital marketing campaigns are usually accompanied by an innovative creative element that draws the attention of the target market and leads to a call to action.

In a digital world it goes at a speed that requires constant creativity and so we can ask the agency about case studies of current clients to assess the level of creativity in the campaigns.

4. Innovative and technologically advanced

In today’s digital environment, it is very important that an agency knows the latest technologies that are used, and the best ways to use them both for campaigns and for web analytics, development and design. When evaluating an agency, we must make sure that the technological capabilities are adequate for the tasks and the project that we are going to develop.

The knowledge can be at the level of web development with the type of technology used, knowledge of servers, databases, security certificates or even Lto management of advertising campaigns on complex platforms. Whatever the needs, it is important that we ensure that the agency has the ability to keep up to date with the latest technologies for our project. Also another aspect would be the need to find an agency that has an innovative mindset, as this will ensure that we do not stay behind in the digital part.

5. Excellent workmanship

It will always be advisable to ask agencies for case studies of other successful campaigns with other brands to strengthen their value proposition.

An analysis of the applied strategy and the results obtained will allow us to evaluate the Agency’s capacity to develop and implement similar success campaigns. Also be sure to ask for the metrics that were used to measure the success of a campaign, since the metrics can be different from one agency to another and it is very important to homogenize the data in order to carry out an adequate study.

6. Flexibility and culture

The changes in the projects are part of their evolution and development, so it is important that an agency is able to adapt to the changes that may arise in time.  Make sure your agency has established processes and procedures so that in the event of changes to a project, there will be no excessive delays or substantial changes in the budget.

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Cultural alignment is a key factor in the agency’s choice.

On the culture, it is very important to know that if an advertising agency has a great strategic knowledge, creativity, combined with an innovative plan for your company, but it does not have the same cultural alignment with the brand and with the project, you can hardly Result in a successful relationship and therefore it is very important to know if an agency fits as one more piece of the puzzle in the company to be able to have a constructive relationship and long-term success.


We can say that this set of criteria can be taken as essential when choosing an agency for our company. To support our analysis, we can also see the accreditations and ranking with which each of the agencies counts and although that can never be a determining factor, it helps a lot to contrast the information with external sources.

In Digital Menta we have developed a Google Partner Agency Ranking Depending on your number of accreditations and this can serve as support when choosing agency.

I hope to have provided some ideas to help you choose an appropriate agency and I invite you to write if you have any questions or feedback.

Written by

Daniel Quiles

SEM · 04 / 02 / 2016

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