How to find B2B audiences on the main platforms

In the next year you will be able to surprise your customers with NEW B2B audiences that you can incorporate into your Marketing plan. Remember, a B2B customer, unlike a final customer, can be a significant increase in your sales or a new business opportunity.

Therefore, the relationship with them must derive from a very well designed strategy are you ready for all the novelties that we have prepared for this 2019?

Search for new Audiences

As you know, the search for new leads through different audiences is a task that we should never leave aside, as the sales funnel must be constantly moving, and we must nurture new prospects to not always saturate The same users.

Many times we have a Buyer Person Defined and we can approach it through interest or market audiences on platforms like Facebook or Adwords. But in many other cases, we have hypothesis that we must corroborate, and until we are tested we cannot know how they will work. These tests suppose an additional expense that must be controlled, and thanks to the new B2B hearings that we will be offering in 2019, we will be able to lower this expenditure in audiences that we thought good enough and to be able to go directly to the best ones.

New B2B segmentations on LinkedIn

The number one social network to generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn. Compared to the rest of networks, this represents 80% of the success in generation of Leads. LinkedIn solves the difficulty of getting a Lead B2B, where the decision making (purchase) is always slower and more complex.

B2B segmentations on LinkedIn

In Digital Menta We have already been able to test B2B hearings in Beta on this network. It has been an important step for our customers to take advantage of this information from professional profiles to be able to direct us to the appropriate sector or to the degree of exact responsibility (or Job Title)

To expand these audiences we make use of the search for “years of experience”, although it is necessary to keep in Mind that LinkedIn understands as experience from a level of practices. If we filter for more than 5 or 10 years of experience we can give with more Senior profiles and of greater responsibility when making decisions of purchase within a company.

For your strategy to work, we recommend that your company page and your product pages are directed expressly to the profile you are looking for, because if you search through this network, you will want to know what solution you are offering at this time and what is your Value proposition.

Reinforces the LinkedIn Ads With a high-value content strategy for the professional. Use the “pains and gains” you have detected that have your customers and make articles and videos that solvent. You will get high quality followers that interact with your content and improve the dissemination in networks of contacts similar to your Buyer person.

New B2B segmentations in Bing

So far the way to be able to address professional audiences was through the traditional rise of our own databases. With this, we can address these user emails when browsing the Microsoft search engine, or configure audiences similar to these, as we can do in the other PPC networks.

At the end of October Bing heralded the new segmentation From the LinkedIn profile of the users. Currently in Beta, Bing Ads expands to these users for text ads, shopping campaigns and dynamic search ads.

B2B segmentations in Bing

It allows us to segment up to 145 sectors, 80,000 business names and 26 work functions. This segmentation can be applied at both campaign level and ad group level.

A good strategy is, once selected for example a couple of sectors and some 15 companies, through the modifiers of bid, increase around 15% in the most important companies of our list. It is Also pending the possibility of incorporating audience exclusions later.

You can apply for your Beta, here.

New B2B segmentations on Facebook

Facebook is par excellence the network that more possibilities of segmentation by interests and behaviors offers us. Without a doubt, we can take advantage of all your resources to orient us to our B2B audiences at any stage of the funnel or for any objective we have.

Thanks to campaigns aimed at “Brand Recognition” we can begin to attract the attention of your potential customers. With the target campaigns of “Traffic” you will get the user to land on a Web page at the same time that will help you to create lists of Remarketing.

Without a doubt, in the consideration phase of a Inbound Marketing Strategy, the best investment we can do is through campaigns of “generation of potential clients” where we can directly get the information we need from our user. The forms are completed with your information (the steps and clicks to be made by the user decreases) so the chances of getting your data are very high.

Conversion-oriented campaign types (related to a higher ROAS) do not end up fitting with this audience if we are looking for a direct sale. Yes we can try with campaigns that send a Landing page Very specific where the conversion is to obtain a product sample, a demonstration, or the access to a valuable resource for your user.

As for the B2B hearings that we can find in this network, we can work:

  • By means of the section “detailed segmentation” you will be able to find parameters like the educational level or those related to the work (company in which they work, positions and sector)
  • Through connections: If it is your case in which you detect that the followers Of your Fanpage have, in turn, a network of professionals of quality as contacts, you can address exclusively to “Friends of my Fans”
  • By Creating a Personalized Public From your database: either to use them in a upselling strategy or to look for similar audiences
  • Retargetear users who have visited specific pages of your website, for example, product technical sheets OR explanatory PDF.
  • Recover those users who have opened your contact form but have not finally wanted to send their data: for example, offering them another means (the web) or other reward that promotes that leave their data.

To keep finishing with the B2B audience

Finally, if you work with Digital Menta You can access B2B audiences that, by default, do not appear on all platforms. These are explicit hearings that Facebook has categorized as “B2B profile” that together with segmentation by sector, we can reach precisely the professional we are looking for.

In the same way, you can have access to the classification of the size of the company, very important factor for some of our clients. All This thanks to the linkage of the platform with the main companies of data collection of consumers.

So far our secrets in the detection of B2B audiences on the main platforms! If you have any doubts, we are here to help you find your ideal audience! Thanks for reading.

Written by

Laura Gimenez

SEM · 17 / 01 / 2019

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