Increase your online sales at Christmas with Shopping

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SEM · 09 / 11 / 2015

Although there are still almost two months to start singing carols and eating Turrons, last Sunday was officially inaugurated Christmas.

We have already started to see the first Christmas markets in the malls, some advent calendars in the supermarkets and, in general, begins to run through the veins of the majority of the population the consumer sentiment that is associated with this festive.

Did you know what in recent years the budget for Christmas shopping of most of the Spanish has been reduced? We haven’t stopped Christmas shopping, we’ve just changed the way we do it. Now we don’t buy so much for impulse, so we’ve become more analytical; We investigate, we compared and we make purchases, therefore, more intelligent.

Searches are usually done over the Internet, so this change in purchasing behavior benefits primarily the owners of e-commerce; In 2014, the number of purchases made over The Internet increased by 14%.

So, you must prepare your campaigns to receive and attract the large number of searches that will be produced in the coming weeks. In This article we explain how to increase your online sales at Christmas With Google Shopping campaigns may seem to you soon, but you have to get to work with time to optimize!

Why doing Google Shopping Campaigns?

In a previous post I told you about the incredible Online showcase that allows us to mount AdWords with the Shopping campaigns; Campaigns that help us to show images of our products together with the results of searches, next to the products of our competitors and that also give us the possibility to indicate the price of the same.

This type of campaigns manage to duplicate the Click-Through-Rate of our ads and also, thanks to the visible and informative that is the advertisement (image and Price) give us a Higher percentage of conversion, by minimizing the effect Miron, and by both a more Adjusted cost per acquisition than in other types of campaigns.

How do I set up a Google Shopping campaign?

You are convinced that to increase your online sales at Christmas Google Shopping is a good strategy, right? Now, the next step is to set up the campaigns. For them you will need:

  1. A product Data feed: Your product information translated into a data feed. Learn to build your data feed and choose the necessary attributes.
  2. A Google Merchant Center account
  3. Verify and reclaim the URL of your website in webmaster Tools. In This link You can find information on the steps to follow.
  4. An account in Google AdWords

Increase your online sales at Christmas

When you have everything you require above, it will be time to link the account you created in Google Merchant Center With your Google AdWords account. This link is done from the Merchant Center AdWords setup.

Increase your Online Sales at Christmas with Google Shopping

Set up the Google Merchant Center and AdWords link.

Have you already set up the account link? Now you can create your first Google Shopping campaign in AdWords to get your online sales increase on Christmas ????

The creation of the Google Shopping campaign follows the same configuration process as most AdWords campaigns. Just remember to select the ‘ Shopping ‘ type as a type of campaign.

If for search campaigns the most important thing is the strategy of keywords and advertisements, the maxim of Google Shopping is summarized in: «Optimizes, optimizes and re-optimizes the data Feed (again)».

If we want to get the best results and increase online sales at Christmas, it is not going to be enough to create the Google Shopping campaign and go adjusting the bids. We Must have a Data Feed as updated as possible.

Best Practices for the perfect Data Feed

Follow These steps to create the best Feed:

    • ADD all required and recommended attributes as needed. Remember that the more complete our Data Feed, the higher the quality level will be.
    • You must take into consideration the following essential attributes as they are the ones that influence the coincidence with the search terms:
      • Google Product Category
      • Unique Product Identifiers
      • Title
      • Descriptions
    • Don’t forget to take care of the images: The minimum size is 250 × 250 pixels (ideally 800 × 800) and we must choose one that is striking and in which our product is as close to the reality as possible.
    • To write the titles and descriptions, keep in mind the following aspects:
      • Create descriptions with the greatest number of keywords and put the most important in the beginning.
      • If you have search campaigns, use your Search Terms report to understand what keywords users use to find a product like yours and add them in the description or title to improve the quality level.
      • Includes important features of your product in the description.
      • In Addition, we recommend that the description has a minimum of 500 characters.
      • However, the title must not contain more than 50 characters.
    • Do not forgetfulness: watch every certain time there are no errors in your data Feed. You can do it from “diagnostics” in Merchant Center. It is important to have 0 errors so, if you see one, try to solve it as soon as possible.
Increase your online sales at Christmas with Shopping

Data Feed Diagnostics at Merchant Center

Last but not least: update the feed every two weeks. It is very important that, in order to prevent errors in your feed, you update it with some consistency. The recommendation is to do it every 30 days, but we encourage you to do it every two weeks.

Extra Tricks to Increase your Online sales at Christmas!

    • If you have followed our tips to prepare the Feed, from AdWords you will be able to subdivide «All products» in different groups of products and thus, besides seeing the metrics for each group, you will be able to establish the bids as you agree.
    • Remember to identify the most frequent searches with the search terms report and put search terms that don’t interest you as negatives.
    • It uses Google Analytics to understand the typical trajectory of the average purchase of customers. 
    • Generates New campaigns with a higher budget and bid for those product IDs that work much better.
    • Make sure your budget is enough this Christmas. Use the Budget simulator and analyze last year’s data to see what dates you should invest more.

Are you ready to increase your online sales at Christmas? If you follow our advice, you will surely achieve your goals. Tell us your experience, we are looking forward to knowing how you are doing with these campaigns! Happy Pre-Christmas Optimization! ????


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