How to prepare a shoe brand for the Black Friday

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SEM · 14 / 11 / 2017

No one questions that Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping campaign. The popularity of this day has been growing in recent years at the national level, so much so that in 2017 could assume up to 12% of the annual turnover.

For consumers it is a good excuse to take advantage of the discounts of the best brands or to advance the purchase of Christmas gifts. So this year we expect 69% of consumers to spend between 50 and €150 during this day. We leave this link with the Expected data during the Black Friday 2017.

Sectors such as fashion and footwear come on the Black Friday a great opportunity to start the intense shopping season. But to get the most out of this day, you have to have a series of aspects ready, either in the on-line plane or on the off-line. From Digital Menta We tell you the most important aspects for a shoe brand before this day.

The Best Sellers, the weapon of capture of many of the sales

Usually shoe brands have a model or top line sales. During the Black Friday this product or collection “original” takes many of the conversions that are made. To achieve 100% of these sales is confirmed that the stock is sufficient, it is reviewed that these products are easily accessed (both the top sales and the most popular collection) and finally it is verified that their product cards have quality images.

Black Friday

Exclusive collections and models to compete with the big Market places

During this day other market places, like Amazon, Zalando, Corte Ingles… They promote with aggressive discounts their most popular products, so many brands of footwear, counteract this fact, offering to the consumers exclusive models or collections that can only buy through their ecommerce. It is a way to compete with these ecommerce giants and at the same time offer an alternative to their users.


Have a good Digital strategy ready

Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns to increase traffic and sales to the fullest

Every major brand of footwear has an online strategy to face the Black Friday. One of the most important parts of this strategy is to prepare the campaigns of CPC, both of prospecting (new users) and of retargeting (clients or impacted users). This will select the platforms that allow the majority of users to be reached and the budget will be divided according to the results obtained in the past.

Email Marketing, all users should know that there will be promotions during the Black Friday

It defines a good Email marketing Strategy, reviewing and segmenting the DATABASE to ensure that all users will receive emails with the desired promotions of Black Friday.  Here we tell you how to do the Best Email Marketing Campaign

Join the Black Friday conversation on social networks

This day most consumers will be aware of their social networks, to stay on top of all discounts and promotions. Therefore they prepare different post and even promote some of them to give greater visibility and impact to the largest number of users.

Online marketing strategy for Black Friday

ECommerce review, both in Purchase and post purchase

All of the above is important but without a good shopping experience, the previous work would be of no use. So at this point, stress tests are done to confirm that the web resists an increase in traffic. Ecommerce is displayed on different devices and browsers and the charging time is checked. And finally the purchasing process is monitored in a thorough manner. To be precise this during the day is fundamental to not lose any conversion.

In the offline plane, customer support, increased number of hours of support and staff are increased, the messaging service is reinforced and even express shipping services are contracted.  And last but not least, there is a good post-sale service to solve any problem that arises after the acquisition.

ecommerce for footwear and Black Friday

In summary these are the most important steps that are followed so that a known brand of footwear is prepared the war of the Black Friday.


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