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SEM · 04 / 06 / 2015

Raise your hand who has never made an online purchase. I see few hands… that’s the way I like it! Surely we are not surprised by the data that show the rapid evolution of transactions made through E-Commerce, a fairly exponential growth in recent years. But users have access to more and more information and that makes us more analytical and lengthen the purchasing processes, always looking for the best option.

For this reason, if you manage an E-Commerce you know that it touches you Make magic to get your product to be chosen. And this is where the tool that Google AdWords puts at your disposal to turn your store into a showcase on the Fifth Avenue of the Internet: Shopping campaigns.

What is Google Shopping?

A Shopping campaign allows us to place our products on or next to the search results (organic or payment). An advertisement for a Shopping campaign shows the image of the product, the title that we have given to this (which is at the same time a link to the Web), the price of the product and The Advertiser.

Shopping campaigns. Search results

Results of Shopping campaigns along with organic results and Search campaigns

In addition to the results of the first page, if the buyer clicks on the “Shopping” tab, it is directed to the Google Shopping section where you can see all the related products.

Some of the advantages of Shopping campaigns

The main advantage of showing the products of your website through Shopping campaigns is the visibility that gives you the power to show an announcement of your product with relevant information about it, such as price and an image. This feature allows you to differentiate yourself from other advertisers who offer the same product as you, as well as encouraging the user, who will normally be a potential customer, to visit your website.

The visibility translated into metrics means twice the Click Through Rate of a search advertisement located in the same position. So a Shopping ad is twice as attractive as any other result.

Another important benefit to consider. With Google Shopping ads, the “Miron effect”is considerably reduced. Your ad is visual enough to avoid user clicks that don’t really look for what you sell. Are you thinking the same thing as me? Percentage of conversions above, acquisition cost down.

One last advantage: it simplifies the configuration of campaigns for webs with many products. When we talk about how to configure the campaigns of Shopping discover how easy it is put AdWords with this tool to those who have an E-Commerce with countless products and who break the head to create campaigns that promote each and every one of Them.

Can I implement Google Shopping campaigns?

Of course! As long as you go to promote products (it is not possible to advertise services, unless they are digital products, like an eBook). In addition, there are some products, such as alcohol and tobacco that are subject to Specific policies.

If you meet the Requirements to advertise in Google Shopping, the next step is to create an account Google Merchant Center. This is where you upload your product Feed

Here are a few requirements to consider:

    • Security: Make sure you Have an SSL (HTTPS)security certificate installed in your domain. This allows you to encrypt the data that is exchanged when a transaction occurs. It is important that your customers can buy safely in your E-Commerce and Google wants to make sure that you meet this requirement to promote your products.
      How do you know if your page has a security certificate? When browsing your page, you will see that the URL is preceded by “https://” as in the image:
Shopping Campaigns and security certificate

HTTPS Security Certificate – SSL protocol

    • User Experience: It is important that the target page displays content related to the ad and that it is its own, no duplicate!. It is also not possible to promote those websites whose contents are advertisements.
    • Transparency: Do not display ads with misleading prices, images or product descriptions. Don’t pretend to be another advertiser than you.

Check out all the other policies to make sure you meet all of them!

Now what?

You know what Google Shopping is, its advantages and requirements to have Shopping campaigns. The next step is to create your first campaign! You will need a Google Merchant Center account and VERIFY your URL before you begin. But that will be counted in next posts.

When you create your account in Google Merchant Center, you will have to upload your data Feed (a relationship of your products and their characteristics) so that AdWords can generate the ads. This Feed will allow you to create campaigns Dynamic remarketing; You will be able to personalize your remarketing ads to users depending on what product you have visited.


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