Introduction to AdWords Scripts

The use of AdWords scripts, also known as Adwords script, is very important when it comes to automating the account optimization process and that can help us to be faster in the changes or even to detect more problems Fast.

In Digital Menta We have realized that in order for an agency to be able to offer a differentiated value and to be at the last, it should use AdWords scripts. These scripts, allow you to do things as simple as sending an email with the investment depending on a variable time, until you define much more complex bidding management systems through multiple accounts OR even from a MCC.

It also allows to make bidding configurations depending on the weather conditions, the exchange rates of different currencies, things that are happening in social networks and much more things. In the coming weeks, you will be able to see some interesting scripts that we have been testing in one of our accounts and that you can also use in your own.

Although Adwords scripts allow you to advance key elements to optimize an advertising account, they have a great limitation and that their execution cannot last more than 30 minutes, implying that many options very With integrations that involve more execution time, you will need to resort to the Adwords API, so we recommend that before starting a project of this type in our account, it is important to know the type of solution that best suits us according to our account and the needs that we have.

Where to find AdWords scripts

To start with in first script in our account, the first thing we should do is go to the Column On the left of our account of AdWords, select “Block Operations” > “script” > “Create and manage Scripts”.

Here we will find the Adwords scripts

Here we will find the Adwords scripts

Once in this screen, we will have the option to create a new script by pressing the red button that puts» + Script» or to execute an existing script, with the button “execute”.

Create or Ejecutrar AdWords Script

Create or Ejecutrar AdWords Script

Also at the bottom, we will be able to see all the scripts that have been executed, as well as the Changes made to the AdWords account.

AdWords Script Summary

AdWords Script Summary

Writing AdWords Scripts

All the scripts of AdWords, are written in JavaScript and for them it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of Java to be able to begin to write our first lines of code, although there are also numerous online resources that explains it Detail.

If we have the knowledge Of JavaScript or the person who will help us with it, it’s time to start getting acquainted with The specific AdWords terminology that we can find in The “AdWords Script Guide” or “API Documentation“And this is where you can find a more specific terminology related to AdWords scripts, as well as some examples so that we can run tests on our account.

AdWords Guide-Scripts

Script implementation

The hardest part is to be able to write a script that executes all the commands that we need in our account and that is why we often resort to running separate commands of less complexity or working with a Google agency or partner that is Specialized in development and implementation.

In Digital Menta We have been developing, testing and implementing some AdWords scripts for some of our accounts and so in the coming weeks, we will begin to share with all of you, those scripts that we have seen that can Be of great help to manage your account.

See you soon with the first Script.

Written by

Daniel Quiles

SEM · 27 / 07 / 2016

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