Keyword Planner and AdWords Editor: Create your own campaign!

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SEM · 09 / 11 / 2017

Are you thinking of creating a marketing campaign for Google AdWords? If so you are in luck, because in this post we will see how to do it from scratch, using the keyword Planner and Adwords Editor. And no, the first step is not to go directly to AdWords and start creating campaigns, ad groups, etc. Long before that there are other aspects to consider and tools to use, so let’s start.


Customer study and potential keyword prospecting

Although a priority seems obvious, do not neglect the good study and analysis of the company we are going to advertise. Therefore, the first step that we will have to give will be to know in depth everything that has to do with our client: the products or services that it offers, its objectives, its market, its competition, the market segment to which it is directed, etc. If we are unclear about all these variables it will be impossible to make a good digital marketing campaign and thus achieve the goals and obtain the expected results.

In this way, once we have a knowledge of the right company, it is time to think based on what keywords, or Keywords, we will raise the marketing strategy of our campaign. For this task we will use a tool that offers us Google AdWords: The keyword planner, or keyword planner. This is a very useful tool because it offers multiple possibilities, both to raise the potential keywords and to analyze the validity of the same.

So, as the image shows, in the left column we can segment the search for the keyword or group of ads that we think is interesting by country, language, and even negative keywords. In addition, in the same column, we can establish the period of time we want to be shown, and it is also possible to customize the search by fixing filters of the average monthly searches, suggested bid, share of impressions and competition, as well as marking Keyword options or including other keywords that we want.

The results we will obtain, located in the center of the Web page, will show us an estimate, for both the ad groups and the keywords, the average monthly searches, the level of competition, the suggested bid and the print share of the Ad. Additionally, we will also be able to add the keywords that we find to an ad plan, located in the right column, in which we can observe them all together.

Creating the Campaign

With the keywords that we are going to use already clarified, we can start the process of creation of the campaign. For this we will use an offline tool like Google AdWords Editor. This is especially useful, and not only because it allows us to work without Internet connection, because everything we do will not be automatically published in AdWords, so we won’t have to worry if we make any mistakes. In addition, thanks to the ‘ check changes ‘ functionality, we will be able to make sure that everything is in order before actually publishing the campaign.


On the other hand, AdWords Editor is a very practical tool also because it allows us to make changes on a large scale, that is, we can modify all the titles of all the text ads of an ad group at the same time, for example. In addition, AdWords Editor allows to establish the keywords and the segmentation that we want for our campaign, the bid that interests us and its strategy, the rotation of the ads, as well as all types of advertisement and their extensions, etc.

In short, AdWords Editor allows to establish all aspects of a marketing campaign as if we were working in AdWords, but with the great advantage that it is possible to make changes on a large scale, which will allow us to be faster and more efficient. Last but not least, all we have to do is post the changes and all of our work will appear in our Google AdWords account. Easier Impossible!


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