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SEM · 20 / 10 / 2016

There comes a time in the life of the Account Manager in which it touches to face a mature campaign. At that point, one wonders what to do when you think it is no longer possible to continue optimizing bids for a relevant improvement.

It is then that our effort must focus on looking for new opportunities that will grow our client, expand the campaigns, and thus be able to increase the capture of traffic and conversions.

One of the main ways to expand our campaign is by researching keywords or keyword research to discover new niches to exploit.

Where do we start?

First of all it is essential to review our Keywords strategy. Check, therefore, that the keyword matches are appropriate, maintaining the balance between volume of traffic and quality of the keyword, and confirms that you have negativizado those terms that move away from your goals.

Of course, a good practice is to add variations of keywords with better performance through synonyms, or equivalent expressions.

Once we have under control the keywords of our campaign, as part of the strategy of Keyword Research, we have to analyze the search termsreport. In it we can see if there are keywords that we have not yet taken into account, or if we can delve into the terms used with long tail keywords. Long tail are specific keywords that contain three or more terms.

For example, we can try to find descriptive characteristics of our product that we have not taken into account until now as “school backpacks with Wheels“, as long as they have an acceptable volume of searches. It should be taken into account that if we use hyperdescriptive keywords like “Blue school backpacks with wheels” We will find some volumes of searches so low that we hardly generate impressions.

It is easy to fall into the error of massing ad groups with keywords with low search volumes, which will elevate the complexity of analysis and optimization of our campaign, without having a representative impact on the account.

If with all of these Keywords Research strategy we have not yet managed to expand the campaign sufficiently, it is time to use other tools:

Yes, we know that this tool is used by the SEOs for the Improved organic positioning, but why not extract us also information that we can take advantage of? With the search analysis report we will see for which queries the Web page of our client has appeared, and in what position. Well, beyond finding unknown search terms, we can see for searches we are worse positioned and reinforce these keywords. In this way, we will complement both strategies perfectly.

Search Console-Search analysis

Search Console – Searching analysis

  • Keyword Planner

The Star tool of keyword research! What more can you say? If you’ve come this far in your reading, we understand that you know how much this tool works, but just in case, here I leave the AdWords Keyword Planner PRO Guide.

Keyword Planner

Screenshot of Keyword Planner

Another classic among the classics, and for me the most useful tools to do KeyWord Research. You can see reports of keywords, volume of searches, etc. But what makes the difference is certainly the analysis of the competition.

It is worthwhile to stop carefully to do a thorough analysis of the competition, because on the one hand we can provide new ideas, but above all, we can see which sectors are the most competitive and make a rethinking of our strategy, Betting on products that can ultimately be more profitable.

With all this, I’m sure we’ll have a lot of good ideas to expand our campaigns. But, look! This doesn’t end here. You have to be very careful when selecting the new terms, because with a wrong selection of new terms we could end up increasing the cost per global acquisition of the campaign.

Quality vs. Amount

If a Keyword quality Research is important when it comes to creating a new campaign, in this case, in which we have already achieved an optimized campaign that works, it is fundamental.

It can be very easy to fall into errors as basic as duplicating keywords. By using the wide or wide modified concordance, we may be bidding on very similar words that eventually end up competing among themselves. It should be recalled that, in this case, the order of the factors does not alter the result. For example, the terms of the keyword + shoe + heel + red and + shoe + Red + Tacon would compete for the same queries.

Another common error is, as we have said before, to delve too deeply into the descriptive characteristics of the product, falling into key words long long tail that do not contribute practically volume of impressions enough to justify their inclusion .

If we add this type of keywords in a massive way, we will end up decreasing the total performance of the campaigns. So once we have decided which keywords are right to expand our campaign, we must MONITOR, that is, specifically analyze the keywords added.

The analytics will make you free

Finally, the fundamental part of any strategy, old or new, is the follow-up of it.

One way to facilitate the analysis process of the new keywords added following the KeyWord Research is to label them correctly as we add them. This way we can quickly identify them and see if the overall performance has improved or worsened.

You have to make sure that the best performance of the new keywords is not at the expense of the old ones. And in this case, that finally, the result improves over the previous period.

Do you know of any other strategy to expand your campaigns apart from Keywords Research? Has any of these strategies worked for you? We look forward to your impressions!


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