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Josue Simón

SEM · 31 / 05 / 2016

Does your Adwords account still have Banners on the Display network? The Adwords ad Gallery can be very helpful in this task.

The ad gallery, previously called Display AD Creator, is the tool that Adwords offers us to create different types of ad for Google’s display network and its partners. In it, Google offers us templates to facilitate the work of the creation of the banners.

You may not have the budget to create the perfect banner set, but with a reduced advertising budget, and if you can’t afford the work of a good designer for your banners, this tool can save you a campaign.

You may also need to launch a campaign immediately, either because of the immediacy of a timely promotion or for any other reason. This may be another case where the Adwords Ad Gallery can be a great ally.

In this article we will show you how to use the tool and how we can make the best match.

How to create your first ad with Adwords AD Gallery

The first thing we need is to have a Display campaign And a group of ads to create our ad. Once inside the group created for the display campaign, if we click on the Red + AD button will be displayed several options. There we will find “ad gallery”, which we are looking for.

How to get to the Adwords AD Gallery

How to get to the Adwords AD Gallery

Selecting this option will open the Ad Gallery where you can choose from various types of ads:

  • Ads for Dynamic remarketing
  • Interactive Lightbox ads, or rich media
  • Video ads for the Dislay network
  • Gmail ads
  • And generic ads

This last category is the one that will allow us to create banners for the standard sizes admitted by THE IAB.

Adwords Ad Gallery Generic Ads

Adwords Ad Gallery Generic Ads

In the generic Ads section, the Adwords Ad Gallery allows us to, or start working on a blank template, or the gallery to extract ideas from our landing page. This second option will give us a lot of work to create the ads, as the templates will take the colors, texts, images, logos… Of the web, which will save us time to customize the ads.

If we choose this second option, the templates will have taken by default the following components (always customizable):

  • Title (up to 50 characters and editable in color)
  • Description (up to 75 characters and editable in color)
  • Main Image (We can take from the Web, upload file, take a stock image, and we can also cut them)
  • Logo (We can take from the Web, upload file, take a stock image, and we can also cut them)
  • Call to Action button (Editable in text, text color and background color)
  • AD Background Color (depending on the ad, various background colors)

These are some of the models that the tool suggests, in different sizes, for the web and the blog of Digital Menta .

Examples of Adwords ad gallery Banners

Examples of Adwords Ad Gallery Banners for Digital Menta

From here, templates can be worked to fit the image/message we want to transmit with our ad.


This is the example of an ad we have been using with satisfactory result. It can be seen as the announcement follows very faithfully the design line of the Landing page.

Banner example created with Adwords AD Gallery

Banner example created with Adwords AD Gallery

Landing page from which banners have been created with the Adwords AD Gallery

Landing page from which banners have been created with the Adwords AD Gallery

The banner sets we create with the ad gallery will be published as an HTML5 file that will automatically adapt to the following formats:

    • 300 * 250
    • 336 * 280
    • 300 * 600
    • 160 * 600
    • 120 * 600
    • 320 * 50
    • 468 * 60
    • 970 * 90
Example of how ad gallery banners adapt to different sizes

Example of how ad gallery banners adapt to different sizes

Advantages, disadvantages and final recommendations

Like everything in this life, La Adwords ad gallery has its advantages anddisadvantages.

On the one hand, the gallery allows you to step into the display network without the need for a high advertising budget, you can have your banners ready in a very short time and without having to have high knowledge of design.

As a counterpart, the templates are limited and, although they are quite flexible, it is the advertiser that has to adapt to the predefined design, and not the other way around.

My premise in the world of CPC is try, try and try. Try all the options and stay with the one that convinces you most. Who says I can’t give you a performance like a template than an ad hoc design? The opportunity cost is very low! And don’t forget to follow the Tips for creating effective display ads

And you, are you going to dare?


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