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SEM · 10 / 05 / 2016

Do you have trouble finding your ideal audience through AdWords Display Campaigns? Are the available segmentations insufficient or do they not define that Target? We can help you! Today we present a success case with one of our clients, after applying a different segmentation method.  We’ll tell you how you can help Similar Audiences in AdWords personalising to create Ad-Hoc audiences, very close to our target audience. Let’s begin?

Introduction to the customer

The Advertiser with whom we discover Similar customisable Audiences in AdWords is a leader in the promotion of Energy investments in your sector. The goal that it pursues through its campaigns of Google AdWords And in other Premium networks, is to find potential customers, prospects, who will later become customers.

96% of the Leads (February 2016 data) arrive through Display campaigns; Banners and Display Text Ads. They are different campaigns according to their segmentation: Topics, Interests, Interests + Demographic Data, Key Words + Topics, remarketing… A wide variety of combinations that help us to find our ideal customer, someone interested in making some kind of investment.

In Short, the campaigns work very well at the volume level of Leads and Cost per Lead, the results we get each month are good, but we need to explore new segments, as we have been leading many months to the same profiles and, Although the results are satisfactory, we do not lose anything to discover if other combinations can be fruitful or if we have left market segments to go for.

Limiting Audiences in AdWords

But what other segmentation can we explore? Right now we are addressing people interested in Investment, Finance, Renewable Energies, Profitability, Stock Exchange, Savings, etc. As you know, the possibilities that AdWords offers us in terms of Interests and Topics are finite, but we do not want to be conformed to continue going for the same user profile forever.

Solution: Custom-matched Audiences in AdWords

Turning to how to reinvent the account and exploring the possibilities of Similar Audiences in AdWords, I found that among the Display segmentations there is the option to Create custom – Matched audiences from your own suggestions and ideas and… voila!

What are Custom Related Audiences in AdWords?

Segmentation based on Custom Related Audiences in AdWords  allows you to add manually a series of websites or free-format interests introduced as keywords for Creating audiences in AdWords on demand. Exactly what we needed with this customer!

How could I not have discovered it before? The truth is that it is not quite in sight and there is not much information about it.

How are they implemented?

Duplicates an Group and simply removes the previous segmentation (Interests, Themes, keywords, Remarketing) and adds this type of segmentation:

  1. In the campaign, in the Display Network tab click the button + segmentation
  2. Select the “Interests and remarketing” option
  3. Then choose “Related audiences”
  4. Under All options, you will see the option “Custom Related audiences”
  5.  Now click on + Create Custom Affinity

How to create Custom Related Audiences in AdWords

When you get to the last point, you have to give it a name and you can add a description that will allow you to better identify what your new audience is about. Now simply add all the ideas that arise from interests or websites (URLs) that define or are relevant to this audience you are creating.

In my case, I used a campaign that was aimed at users interested in the Stock Market. In order to make a comparison, the existing Group and created by the traditional method (Interested in Stock Exchange) I added a New Adgroup that would become the “guinea pig” of the Test with Personalised similar audiences in AdWords.

The Similer Audience created it from websites related to Investment in the Stock Exchange; I did a little research and added economic newspaper Exchange sections as well as key words related to stock exchange, so that they would be transformed into free-format interests. And Let it be!

 Do you Want to know the Results?

In the month of February 2016, buying with the other Group of the campaign and with a lower bid, this was what was achieved:

    • 475% more conversions
    • CPL 28% lower
    • + 22% conversions Percentage
    • Similar CPC (+ €0.01)
Custom Related Audiences in AdWords: Results

Custom Related Audiences in AdWords: Results

As you can see, the results are incredible and they are maintained! All those who did not know this method of segmentation, would you like to try it?😉


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