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SEM · 12 / 01 / 2017

There is No doubt that in the day to day of a project manager or Account Manager, the organization of the work and the workflow, they are essential to achieve the success of a proyect.

But What do we mean by success?

It Is clear that the success of a project is measured by the ability to achieve the objectives established with the customer: increase sales, increased brand visibility, increased leads, etc. But It’s not over here, for a marketing agency, the success of a customer is also measured by the profitability of it, ie to maximize the results of the customer for a number of hours of work agreed. What is known as a win-win agreement, in which both client and agency benefit from the relationship. It is at this point, where the account manager must establish which tasks are priority and which secondary ones.

Of course, a account manager has to be a very organized person, even so, with calendars full of so many different tasks, how can we be able to manage everything and make sure that everything is done in time? Is it possible to avoid forgetting tasks when we have others with higher priority? Although There is no way to ensure this, we can have some tools to help us better manage our time and the tasks outstanding for the different clients.

In Digital Menta We work with Asana, a project management tool capable of working with the tasks that are assigned to a team, allowing the communication between the members of the same, and making very simple the coordination of tasks, knowing at all times the state of the project.

The Asana application is perfect for improving the organization and communication within a working team. The Main Advantages It offers are:

  • It improves the productivity of teamwork, since the whole team is part of the work organization of the project. This makes every member of the team know what their role is at any time regardless of their geographic location.
  • Tasks are assigned by projects so that not all of the team will be involved in all projects.
  • You have task notifications, so it’s harder for us to pass something important. It Is Effective as a daily reminder of the tasks, not only of the new ones that are assigned to us, but of new comments or modifications in the tasks.
  • The comments allow you to ask questions, receive feedback about the work, and maintain a fluent communication on the part of all.
  • It Has App for ANDROID and IOS that allows us to be informed where we are in real time.

Asana Structure

Asana is structured all based on projects. As a payment search account managers, each client will be configured as a project, to which we will assign the different tasks that we generate with a deadline or “due date”.

  • Work Spaces

The work spaces or equipment are formed by a group of people who collaborate in projects. Asana allows to work with teams of fifteen people in its free version. This segmentation is interesting because each workspace can correspond with a department within the agency, for example: Design, Web Development, SEM, etc…

Creating them is as simple as clicking on the image of your avatar, in More > Create new Workspace.

Project Management with Asana

Project Management with Asana

  • Projects

Once we have created a workspace, we can start adding projects to the left sidebar:

Creating Projects in Asana

Creating Projects in Asana

  • Tasks

When you access each project, you can start assigning tasks, they can be organized to work in sections, this is ideal for separating the areas of a project.

Task Management with Asana

Task Management with Asana

Each task can be assigned to several team members. And you can assign dates that will appear in the calendar.

Communication with the team

Although communication level is more common to use Slack, Asana also allows you to send messages to team members.

Communication in projects with Asana

Communication in projects with Asana

Project progression

At the project level, Asana collects in the Progress tab a graph to measure the evolution of the project, depending on the number of tasks that have been completed and those that are not. You Can also add notifications to send to members of the team.

Progression of the projects with Asana

Progression of the projects with Asana


Being a good account manager means being able to keep a paid search account running smoothly, coordinating with a team and the customer and of course optimizing the performance account. Most account managers know the basics but fall when it comes to organization and communication. Let’s face it, there are days when performance is not always perfect, but taking advantage of Asana to maintain account strategy and aligning tasks can be a great tool to mitigate the ups and downs that are in all accounts.

Asana is a really useful tool because it works as more than just a task manager.

In the following video we can see a tutorial of the tool much more complete:

I hope it helps you, and do not let us tell what management tools do you use you!


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