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SEM · 12 / 08 / 2015

Today we bring up an update which all the account managers had been dreaming for some time. As we see that Alphabet is not the only update of Google, AdWords also surprises us with its own reporting tool that provides for AdWords agencies a custom reporting for their demanding customers. Reporting can be a genuine Nightmare when the needs of the customer do not respond to the standards. The basic reports are short for AdWords agencies and personalisation requires an exaggerated time investment for the benefit they assume. In front of this scenario, the almighty Google has just put its crumb of bread in the path of reconciliation between reports and account managers with this new tool that allows a fast and effective reporting (if you know what you want). Forget about Pivot tables and Excels that “don’t respond” and immerse yourself in this unique experience with Digital Menta, Welcome to the new Report Editor! Less than a week ago the news came to our screens, and we are still not believing it. AdWords launches new reporting tool and Digital Menta have the honor of being one of the first AdWords agencies to test it. It’s a pride and satisfaction! Yes, we have only seen it in one of our accounts, for the moment… Apparently, as usual with the new features, the activation will be gradual and all accounts will have access to the AdWords report Editor in a few months.

This is how AdWords Report Editor works

Work levels

At the moment we have found it at the level of account, we do not know if it will develop also at the level of MCC. If the Google-engineers have not thought from here we make a public appeal: it would be very interesting to see opposite behaviours in accounts that can compete, or market trends, among other things.

Operating room

To access the Report Editor we only have to enter our usual tab of reports, where at first glance we will notice a somewhat different aspect.

Acceso Editor Informes de AdWords

New report Editor replaces regular reporting tool

If we press the button to create a new report, a drop-down is displayed to select the type of report we want. Let’s look at an example with a table-type report:

Landing Page Perfecta

On this panel we can drag the metrics and data that we want to show

As you can see, it is a simple “drag and drop” tool, we are able to drag the level of detail and the metrics that we need. You also have filters to select only the campaigns that interest you. Have a look at how it looks:

campañas de anuncios en Youtube

You can use the filters to select the campaigns you want to see in your report

Here if I see a problem, after selecting the metrics and dragging them to the table, there is no row of totals. That is to say, we can never see a total aggregate of the data that we have in the same view as the breakdown of campaigns. It is not serious but it forces us to draw two separate reports for this data, and to work them out ???? Hopefully this will solve it soon. If any of you already have the tool in your account and know how to do it, let it be! Around here we’re still kind of sad . And the time has come to download the report. We can save it to run it again or download it without saving it.

campañas de anuncios en Youtube

Download the reports and save them or schedule to send them periodically

Now let’s try a linear graph. In this example we compared the cost of a campaign and its increases in CPC. We can do the things we want and select as we want to see the data (in blue): daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Cómo Crear Campañas de Anuncios en Youtube Efectivas

Make linear charts to see trends and variations in the value of metrics

Let’s go with a bar graph. The configuration is the same, you just have to drag the values to our operating table. Bar charts can also be very useful for representing trends. If we want to change the criteria, just take them out and slide those we want to see:

Informes Gráficos en el Editor de informes de AdWords

Build bar charts to view trends and compare metrics in your campaigns

What if we want to see values in proportion to a total? We imagine that we want to know where our clicks go, do our campaigns get more clicks in the search network or in partner pages? Let’s have a look at the data cakes.

Edición de Reportes en el Editor de Informes de AdWords

In this graph we will see proportions on a total of data

With this we are finishing our little adventure. If you have also tried the AdWords Report Editor, tell us your experience.  Thanks for reading!


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