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Daniel Quiles

SEM · 11 / 02 / 2015

What are the key points of a lead capture strategy? What needs does a company have to cover to succeed in this task?

Year after year, the number of users on the Internet continues to grow and according to the latest Published statistics There are over 3 billion online users. In 2014 were invested More than 204 billion dollars in online payment advertising to offer services to all of them. Reaching these users through PPC campaigns can be a very efficient way to generate business for many companies and institutions.

For these PPC campaigns to be efficient and profitable, they should be included under the broader umbrella of a lead-capturing strategy. Although there are different techniques today we will analyze in depth the capture of leads through pay-per-click advertising Campaigns (PPC).

Key elements of a Lead capture strategy with PPC

Objectives and metrics. The first step begins by defining the objectives, the investment and the expected results. To do this, we must do a preliminary analysis of average costs per click, which will vary depending on the type of segment to which our product or service is destined and the expected conversion rate. With all this data, we will obtain an estimated cost per lead (eCPL) for our campaign.

Value proposition. After that, we must capture in a landing page the proposal of value that we want to show to the users that arrive to our page, since this will be key to capture the attention of the users and leave their data in the form.

Landing Page design. The content of the landing page must be customized depending on the type of users it is destined for and the type of service/product, because when these are more complex, we will need to design a more extensive landing page or a micro site with different pages , but always oriented to conversion.

The form, less is more. The number of fields that a form must contain will always be the one by which we determine a valid lead for our company, taking into account that the smaller the number of fields to fill, the user will have easier to complete it and this can be translated In an increase in the percentage of conversions.

Call to action. The call to action button is the element that separates a user from our lead page. Therefore, the message, the color and the situation must be very studied to be able to draw the attention of the users that these fill the form.

Management of leads. In order to be able to manage the leads by the commercial team we must use an integrated application or software with our landing page that imports the data directly in order to be able to treat them. There are different applications.

Platforms and media. Another important step is to analyze what platforms we will use for our online advertising campaigns depending on where the users we want to reach. Google AdWords, Facebook and Bing/Yahoo are the main platforms that we should value. Also, a combination of all of them will allow us to reach a greater number of users.

Analytical and measurement. Finally, we will have to analyze the performance of both the campaigns, our landing and the quality of the leads. The optimization of the campaigns allows us to reach each time to those users where we obtain a better cost by conversion. We must also take into account the improvements of our landing, the A/B testing will help us to improve the user experience and the conversion rates. Finally, we must analyze the leads that manage to make the client better. Having many leads at a low cost should not be a sign of good performance, because if we do not manage to convert those leads into customers, the return on investment can be even lower than with more expensive leads. 

An example: Results of a strategy for capturing leads with PPC

In Digital Menta We have developed and implemented lead capture strategies that have allowed to improve performance up to 300% and cost reduction up to 66%. In the next image we can see the effect that the implementation of this strategy has had.

Lead recruitment strategy

Success after implementrar a strategy of capturing leads

In the case above we can see the effect that has had the application of a strategy for capturing appropriate leads and in 3 months has managed to stabilize and reduce the CPL from $154.17 to $50.88, with the same level of investment.


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