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SEM · 31 / 08 / 2015

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers and that’ll give benefits to the company.” We have heard this quote many times in many areas, but it was Working on Google Where we really learned it firsthand and that has helped us to create The culture of Digital Menta.

People are first; Our business culture

If our collaborators are not happy, our company can not function well. We try to eliminate all the traditional barriers of the business environment that contribute little or no value to a company to improve the quality of life of the people; Timetables, rigidity of the job post, cold offices…

Chill Zone-DigitalMenta-Corporate culture

Relaxation Room of Digital Menta. We promote a fun business culture

We want to take care of our collaborators so that they care for the company and make it their own. If they feel it, the chances of success of Digital Menta They are much older and all members of it will be happier.

A pleasant environment

What raises the hand that considers that it does not work better in a nice office, spacious and with spaces to have fun. In Digital Menta We continually change the office looking for the comfort of our collaborators. We want you to feel better than at home!

Dining room Digital Menta -Different business culture

Dining Room of Digital Menta

Entrance Hall of our office-business culture

Entrance Hall of our office

We have game spaces for active pauses. Active pauses reactivate people, relax them, and can generate ideas that change the display of a problem. It may be that our Ping-Pong table is the most beloved of the company and where better meetings have been ????

But we also have space to maximize productivity if you have to concentrate a lot. Thus, the day-to-day office will not have a negative impact on the company’s future. I for example employed them normally to write blog articles in less time.

Time Out!

Schedules are non-existent for which I wished. There are no pre-defined schedules beyond what is needed to run the business (obviously concerted meetings with customers and the team). We have no time to check in or out and if someone wants to stay at home working they don’t have to warn anyone.

There are also contingencies within our lives, and we have to take care of them sometimes above work. If so, there is no problem in a person leaving the office and attending without having to explain what is most important to her at that time.

Fewer hierarchies

“Control does not scale.” Hierarchies often generate inefficiencies by controlling beyond the account. In Digital Menta We have the minimum hierarchy and we trust our collaborators to the maximum. By giving this confidence, we generate a greater attitude of responsibility and search for problem solving.

We're all working together Digital Menta -Business culture

We’re all working together

We don’t believe in free or poorly paid work

Something that as entrepreneurs annoy us is to see as companies of all sizes hire free scholars or derisory sums. No, this isn’t right, it’s not fair. The crisis has broken many labor schemes (although before it was already given) and many companies determine that they do not pay newly licensed collaborators or almost to finish their careers.

In Digital Menta We pay above the industry average in our region. We want to be fair and honest with our collaborators. In addition, so the people who are in Digital Menta They will not worry about money, nor will they be thinking about moving to other similar companies.

Obviously, we did not reach salary levels of companies like Google, Facebook, etc…

You have to have fun, out of the office too!

Ping Pong Room in Digital Menta -Business culture

Ping Pong Room in Digital Menta

Although here we sing the mea culpa and we have to improve in this aspect (the first years of a company require an extra job) we are clear that we have to have fun together outside the office. That’s why we do events and meals at least once every quarter. We celebrate that the company continues to grow and the new incorporations feel better received.

We are in the 21ST century and there are still many companies with organizations and attitudes that seem to be taken out of the industrial revolution with a maximum foreman who ordered his workers to work until satiety for a miserable wage. Obviously few companies are like this, but there is much to advance at the level of corporate culture in our country and in many others.

We encourage all companies to build people-centered business cultures and make them happy, because going to work has to be something fun.


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