PPC Market Differences: UK vs Spain

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SEM · 19 / 05 / 2016

Here at Digital Menta We like diversity. Part of the construction of an innovative and creative team has been hiring people with different knowledge and levels of experience in the different areas of PPC. We are ex-Googlers, we have worked in different countries and in different sectors and this is what gives us our refreshing attitude – MENTA attitude!

PPC Market Differences in UK vs Spain

The PPC Market in The UK

Before reaching Digital Menta , I worked 4 years in the UK, always in PPC, both in agency and in House, in the tourism sector. Despite the economic downturn, the digital marketing sector is one of the sectors that have continued to grow in the UK, investing in 2015 more than £ 8bn.  The industries that invest most in Adwords in 2015 in UK have been those of financial services, games and tourism. In the TOP 5 advertisers are companies such as moneysupermarket.com, williamhill.com and booking.com.

Advertising Expenses in PPC in UK

PPC Advertising Expenses in UK

In my last 2 years in UK, I had the opportunity to work in the company Rentalcars.com, part of the Priceline group, which includes the companies Booking.com, Agoda, Kayak and Opentable and that offers car rental services in 170 countries and in more than 40 languages.

Being a customer investing high amounts in Adwords, the technical support and the degree of attention they received from Google was high, which gave the opportunity to develop to a higher level the technical knowledge of the PPC team. Also, they had primary access to Google’s betas in the Tourism sector and the tools they use to measure and track data reach more granular levels, many times they are developed in house to have total control over ROAS and Cpas.

The market of online marketing and Adwords in particular, is much more mature and developed IN UK, therefore there is much more competition at the level of jobs and qualifications to access this market. Many employers require candidates to have university degrees in mathematics, science, engineering or economics, and Adwords theoretical knowledge for an entry level position.

The PPC Market in Spain

Being such a competitive market, it will be increasingly difficult to find the right people and the required digital qualifications. At the current rate, the EU estimates that in 2020 there were 900.000 Open Positions In the online marketing industry for lack of candidates with the right profiles. Therefore, in Spain Google has offered free courses in web development and digital marketing to 200.000 young people and promises training for 1 million Europeans, to boost the economy.

In Spain, despite the economic downturn, the digital market grows at a steady pace, reaching € 2bn in 2015, but what we notice is much slower growth compared to UK. Despite this, Spain remains an emerging market for online advertisers, with the Internet representing 4.4% of GDP.

PPC Advertising Expenses in Spain

PPC Advertising Expenses in Spain

An example of this market is us, Digital Menta , that we continue to grow our team, both in knowledge and in number, along with our customers. Our marketing strategy is to automate processes to streamline the daily work of account maintenance and achieve better results, giving more time to our account managers to develop strategies and think creatively To grow the business of our customers.

In the next post we will talk about the PROs and CONs of working in a PPC team in house vs agency and what we have learned in both environments, and also cultural differences in how to work between the two markets.

And you, do you know the PPC market in the UK? What are the main differences between the PPC market in UK vs Spain? Tell us about it!


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