PPC wish list for 2017: letter to the “Magi”

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Josue Simón

SEM · 27 / 12 / 2016

The Scriptures are born a child Account Manger in a Silicon Valley portal. The Shepherds Start-ups have already gone out to worship him. The Daily Manger reporters tell us that three magicians from the lands of the PPC take their presents. Google brings you gold, Bing brings incense and Facebook extract.

Myrrh?! Seriously Facebook? Hasn’t it occurred to you better to bring him a Power Editor that doesn’t hang every two times three?

PPC Wishes

In today’s post we want to write the letter to the Magi so that in 2017 meet our list of wishful PPC.

What did they bring us last year?

In 2016 there were many changes in the advertising platforms, and we are very grateful for the gifts in the form of:

… And surely there were many more gifts in the form of update, but with this sample is worth to thank the “Kings” received in the past and ask for more for the 2017. We are a maverick in Digital Menta and we always hope for the great & the best.

What do we order for 2017?

During these days we have been thinking about what we would ask of the Magi based on our current needs in Digital Menta When it comes to working with these advertising platforms, but above all, in order to offer better results and better performance for our customers. I’m sure there are many more things you would ask. Write us your ideas in the comments!

Wise Men Wishes PPC

Look at them, the Magi are coming to fulfill all our PPC wishes for 2017!

To Google I ask that…

AdWords is the Greater king, the Melchor del PPC, the most experienced and volume has, and therefore the most polished has its tool. Last year already brought us enough news, and surely this year will continue to do so. However, we do not want to miss the opportunity to ask for a gift.

Dear Google, We want a GDN like God (Alexa) Manda. Your Display network has a lot of locations with very low ranking, and very few with good ranking. We would like you to improve for 2017 the quality of your locations, and above all, that you will fight harder to fight all the fraudulent locations. No AdSense for Everyone!

To Bing I ask:

Dear Bing, I know you have less traffic than your big brother Google. I am also a small brother, and many times we do not have enough resources to innovate so much, but we are able to improve what our elders invent. So for 2017, I ask you:

  • Make a final effort to launch the Bing for Mac Editor accessible to everyone. It is not productive that the only employee with Windows of the office has to leave his computer to all the Compañeros that use the system of the manzanita.
  • Expand to new markets. I am looking forward to opening my campaigns in Spain to the neighbors of Portugal.
  • Maybe a cleaner interface and a better way to organize the view of the accounts of an Agency in MCCs of clients and Sub-MCCs, AdWords style (sorry for the compared).
  • Since in 2016 Microsoft bought Linkedin, you can surely take advantage of all your knowledge to give a review of the Linkedin advertising tool, which is in the Pleistocene. It would be great to be able to do some kind of Bing-Linkedin integration. Or that from Bing Editor we could create campaigns on Linkedin Ads (again sorry for comparing).

And for Facebook…

For Facebook I do not know where to start… I know you’re not a search network, like your other two companions. First of all, you do not seem to be so oriented to direct results, but as you seem to give quite good results –attributions apart-, because I want to ask you a lot of improvements:

  • More interesting metrics and more efficient custom and saved columns. Please, for next year, you could save me the column sets better, and I do not have to set each time for each of the views. We could also have the option to be saved for all users with access to the advertising account-although we could also ask the same Melchor AdWords-.
  • What less than a segment of results by specific interest or segmentation, so that we can know what elements of my segmentation are the ones that really bring me results, and I do not have to spend 5 times more to be able to intuit it. I would like to know what specific interest is the one that gives on the nail ????
  • We would also like a Power Editor that does not hang, that you do not delete ads mid-creation process and you have a way to create duplicates and ad variations much more bulk and fast. Perhaps implementing greater use of Copy/Paste or Drag and Drop. Surely if Power Editor were offline -like the rest of editors-it would help a lot in the process.
  • It would be great to added more possibilities in terms of bidding strategies. How about an optimization option TO ROAS?
  • What if you gave us a Frequency Cap?

I’m going to stop asking you for things because I’ve never liked being a greedy child, that the rest of Children Agencies of the world I’m sure they have other ideas.

From Digital Menta We want to take advantage of this list of PPC wishes/letter to the Magi to wish you all the best in 2017. Let Your ROIs rise and Lower Your CPAs And CPLs.

Happy year 2017, that your desires in the form of goals are fulfilled, and that the Magi bring you many conversions!

Best Wishes PPC

Our best PPC wishes for 2017!


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