HELP! Google Ads performance dropped – What do I do?

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SEM · 29 / 09 / 2016

One of the most stressful situations in the Life of an Account Manager It’s a performance drop in Adwords that can’t be explained immediately. Add to this a boss or customer who is sending email after email demanding an explanation of why their visits or sales have gone down, and the result is a stressful sooo environment.


In general, the first thing to consult is the history of changes to see if we have uploaded a wrong change that could have affected the performance; As most of the time the answer is not here, what you need to do is look deeper and compare the different Adwords metrics at different levels.

Performance drop in Adwords

1. Click Down

Has the middle position been lowered?

If you are observing a relevant drop in your Adwords account, this will cause a loss of clicks and also a decrease in your CTR.


There are several reasons why this may happen:

    • You have lowered your bids

    • You have changed your account ads

If you have changed your ads and at the same time have reduced the volume of traffic, this may be the reason that explains the performance drop In AdWords. With no historical data available, new ad variations will have a lower quality level and will not be shown so often, resulting in a loss of traffic. In addition, new ads can also change how users convert. What we recommend is to always make a A/B test and compare data Before deciding which ads work best and that will stay active in the account.

    • The competition is being more aggressive

    • Your Quality Score has dropped, which has affected your ad Ranking. The lower the quality level, the higher you will need to bid to maintain the same position of the ads.

Depending on the reason why you are suffering from the loss of traffic, you will have to take different measurements to solve it.

B. Seasonality


The interest of the consumers in the products of each company suffers fluctuations during the year. Before you start analyzing the data so deep, check if seasonality can be the reason for the loss of traffic. You should also notice a drop in searches. Compare your data to see if the trend is applied for the same time period of the previous years. The data from Google Trends They are also very useful to check this out.

C. Spy on your competition


A lower CTR may be affected by an aggressive promotion of competition. If we are selling the same product at the same price and with the same benefits, and we are seeing fluctuations in the volume of clicks, we must check the ads of our competitors and see if they are offering any promotion and take the measures Necessary.

2. Descent of conversions

First, you have to check if the account traffic is still the same. If there is a drop in the clicks, this will also affect conversions. If this is the case, you have to go back to the points above and make the necessary corrections. However, if all metrics remain the same as before (clicks, prints, position), but conversions have dropped, chances are the cause is a reduction in your conversion rate.


The first thing to review, if we’re seeing a reduced conversion rate, are our ads. If we are doing an ad test, the new variations may not turn out so well. If the problem is not here, we will have to check if our destination pages and URLs are working well.

If the problem is not here and if we know that there has been no change in the sales strategy (a price increase, for example) and that we have the same products in stock, we will have to review what is doing our competition (ADS, Web, Promotions, price comparisons). If this is not the case, we will have to check whether there are new competitors entering the market or if any of the existing ones are being more aggressive and gaining more impression percentage. These data can be seen in the Adwords Auction Data Report.

The most important thing in times of crisis is to remain calm; A performance drop in Adwords can have several explanations and to find them it is necessary to take a step back and look closely at the data of our account, because there we will find our answers. 

We hope that this article will allow you to find calm in times of crisis. We read!  ????


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