Case Study: +76% on online investors’ acquisition

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SEM · 16 / 03 / 2015

This last week was held in Valencia Forinvest, the largest financial-business Networking site in Spain at the Valencia trade show. It gathered celebrities from the financial sector and all kinds of professionals in the sector looking for projects to invest.

Fairs continue to be useful for selling all kinds of services and business generation. However, there are other means, such as digital channels, that allow people interested in carrying out investments in different products or services without the need for them to be in a specific geographical location. This is the case of one of our clients, who went to the fair, and according to his words we are generating 50% of its volume.

The Challenge of our client ForInvest

The customer, a leader in the promotion of energy investments, required to improve their online advertising activities to obtain investors in a profitable way.


  1. Reduce the cost per prospect by 20% to be profitable.
  2. Increase the number of prospects.

Initial Metrics

Metric Home Goal
Cost per Prospectus 136 € 80€

Strategic and Action Plan

To reach the objectives defined by the client, we followed the methodology of definition of digital strategies based on SOSTAC (Situation, Objectives, Strategy, tactical Plan, Actions and Control and measurement). Through This we define what analysis should be carried out and what actions should be implemented. The following were broadly:

  1. Definition of target segment for the sale of customer investment services.
  2. Definition of competitors with similar segments and their strategies.
  3. Management of Advertising networks; Google Search and Content Network.
  4. Create New Micro site with better appearance, clarity of message and more effective registration.
  5. Continuous Registration process optimization .

Action 1 – Management of Advertising Networks

Our experience in companies like Google and in results-oriented marketing agencies has allowed us to maximize the profitability of advertising investment in both advertising networks.

Action 2 – New Microsite Design

The previous website of the client did not have optimized the registration process for the prospects, so that the visitors did not carry out the action intended by the advertiser.

The new Microsite was built, after an analysis of more than 50 structural and design elements that should contain it. The main elements to consider were:

Clear Definition of Value proposition (USP).

  1. Clear Communication.
  2. Create an action call aligned to the psychology of the target segment.
  3. Clear and simple form.
  4. Inclusion of testimonies (social proof).

Action 3 – Design Optimization

Communicative elements were defined to be tested in order to improve the registration process in a continuous way. Through a process of Optimization or AB Testing, which balances the visitor traffic between two design options, and after a sufficient period of time, the system indicates the winning design based on the defined objectives.

Final Results

The combination of all the actions defined through the strategic analysis enabled us to greatly improve the client’s objectives in less than 2 months.

Current Metrics

Metric End Goal
Cost per Prospectus 68 € 80€

Final Microsite

Successful Online Recruitment Case Investor

Online Investor Success Story

The final results were a lowering of the cost per prospect of 50% and an increase of 76% in the number of prospects with interest in investing in solar energy.


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